The Light Agenda: Suzy Ward

June 20, 2012

Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome to the second episode of The Light Agenda. My name is Stephen Cook, and I thank you for taking time out to join me and my special guest, Suzy Ward, today.

But just before Suzy and I get chatting, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all of those of you who tuned in last week for my interview with Cobra. It was absolutely amazing to see so many of you were just really keen to hear what Cobra had to say, and I hope it’s answered some of your questions.

And I know it was difficult to understand every word Cobra said due to the voice modulation that we had to use, and I’m happy to say that you can now find the full transcript for Cobra, the whole interview, on, and that’s many thanks to Ellen, who’s been typing up a frenzy since that show went to air. And look, as promised, I’m hoping that The Light Agenda will continue to be a place where light minds come to think alight, and inspire you to come alight, and I have no doubt that my guest today will do just that.

Suzy Ward lost one of her sons, Matthew, at the age of 17 in a car accident. And like many grieving parents she sought answers from within herself as well as solace through psychic mediums. Now, all of the psychic mediums she contacted told her that one day her son would be in direct communication with her.

Well, a whopping 14 years later, Suzy finally started hearing from Matthew — loud and very clear. And what she heard both fascinated and inspired her. In fact, it blew her mind. And Suzy soon had Matthew urging her not only to write a book based on what he was telling her, but to share what he was telling her with the world, all of us.

And the result is that over the past 18 years Matthew’s messages have led to four books: Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven, Revelations for a New Era, Illuminations for a New Era, Voices of the Universe, plus Suzy’s most recent book, My Conversations with Animals.

Suzy has since also passed on messages to us from Hatonn, Ashtar, God, Icarus, Prometheus, and a whole lot of other people, plus every month she now issues a monthly update from Matthew titled “Matthew’s Message,” which informs and guides many of us as to what literally lies just around the corner as we head into the second half of this delightful year of 2012.

Well, Suzy Ward joins me now. Suzy, welcome to The Light Agenda, and thank you so much for being part of this program.

Suzy Ward: Hello, Stephen, and thank you for inviting me to join you.

SC: You’re more than welcome, now. Based on all of that, you are one busy lady. [laugh]

SW: Well, yes, if you add five dogs to the mix, indeed, I am. [laugh]

SC: So, did you ever, ever in your life, think that you would be such a facilitator for assisting so many of us along our path towards full consciousness?

SW: Stephen, I … it boggles my mind even now. It was part of the pre-birth family agreement, I found out from Matthew. And frankly, ever – when you said it blew my mind, that expresses it perfectly. Everything that I heard from him. I said …

SC: So, why was that? Because your background was — you were a very church-going lady.

SW: For 35 years! Yes. Without questioning. Anything! Just participating and believing everything that I had been taught. So, everything that I heard from Matthew was absolutely mind boggling.

SC: Because it went against everything you’d heard? Or, like, in 35 years of church, you literally went to church, week after week after week, and just listened without every questioning anything?

SW: Yeah. Hmmmm. Yes, I have to admit that. I know it may not sound as if I had two live brain cells there.

SC: [laugh]

SW: I mean, this started with Bible school, and I was – to say that I was hyperactive in church affairs is probably not an over-statement. Everything that was age appropriate, I was involved in. Later, teaching Sunday school, Bible school, church camp … I even went to United Presbyterian College for a year. That’s when I discovered what hypocrisy is!

But I switched from the Presbyterian Church to the Episcopal Church after I met the children’s father. And then it was choir, the women’s league, fundraisers — the whole megillah!

SC: You did well, I think. [laughs] Now, we’re going to come back and talk a little bit about your family a bit later, because I know you have three other children, two sons and a daughter.

SW: Yes.

SC: But — and we will also talk about pre-birth arrangements, I might add — but you’ve said, when you look back, that Matthew was a very serious observer, and he always had very wise opinions, and that he also drew drawings of spacecraft and strange beings, and had very surreal perspectives as a child.

Do you think, even then, if you had a pre-birth agreement, did you think then, though, that you were digesting the concepts of where he was coming from, even when he was growing up?

SW: I … no. No, Stephen. I have to acknowledge, I did not. And it’s further ironic that just a few days ago Matthew’s good friend contacted my son Michael …

SC: Yes?

SW: … and – on Facebook – and Michael … and of course, he said, “I remember Matthew. How’s he doing?” And Michael told me a little later, “Mother, I just didn’t want to tell him, in an e-mail, Matthew died.” So, I just said, “Well, if you want to know everything about Matthew, go to this site.” And, you know, he typed in my site, …

SC: Yeah?

SW: … and this boy, whose name also is Stephen, wrote to me. And he said that he had tears in his eyes as he read what he did on the site. He said, “I have to tell you, Matthew and our other good buddy and I used to talk about things like this.”

SC: Really?

SW: Yes! Which, you know, every now and then something comes along that absolutely stuns me. And that was one of them.

SC: Oh, wow! And how cool to hear that now, though!

SW: Yeah … I know. I know…. Something that I do remember is that Matthew read an article that was in some magazine that I had. I hadn’t even seen it. And it was about someone – this must have been a metaphysical book, although I really wasn’t into those things then – but he read an article about someone who had been contacted by the soul of a pilot who was trying a … he was a test pilot, and the plane crashed. And he was sending her information about what went wrong, why it went wrong. And Matthew said, “Mother! You have to read this article! It’s just fascinating!” But even then, I just have to say, I probably was still so steeped in religious dogma that I … I didn’t … I didn’t give it any credibility.

SC: So, tell me how you felt when that very first message from Matthew came through. It doesn’t matter about the content, but how you felt at that moment.

SW: Well, the way it came through is, my … my thought, that I knew was my thought, was like one rail on a railroad track, the lower one. What Matthew said is, “Mother, this is Matthew. Yes, it’s really Matthew. Record what I’m telling you.” And that was at the top of my head coming in.

So, I did. And my shorthand notes were so faulty, you can imagine. I mean, I was absolutely just — well, again, blown away. But I fortunately started recording our conversations at the computer — well, because he told me to!

SC: Was he — was he always a bit bossy with you, when he was a child? [laugh] Because he —

SW: [laugh] He .. he was. He … he tended to be a little bit bossy with all of us.

SC: Okay.

SW: Even though he is my third child and my oldest; his brother Eric, is four years older. Matthew was so determined to keep up with Eric, in every single way – athletically, the board games they played, conversations, everything – that I guess just his tendency to act like first-born, maybe, instead of third-born? Whatever it was, he always felt he knew what was better for me than I did myself.

SC: Now, you’ve described yourself as a receiver, not a channeler. Can you tell me why you prefer that term?

SW: Yes, because for what I do it’s more accurate. I receive the telepathically transmitted information from Matthew and all of the other sources.

Actually, every single one of us is a channel. This is our birthright — for telepathic communication, for healing, for energy work, for co-creating our lives through what we manifest.

So, I just feel that it — it’s a more descriptive term what for what I do. But certainly “channel” is not incorrect.

SC: Well, I have to be honest, I have channeled, attempted, at times, myself. Sometimes I’ve not been that great, and usually it’s been someone who’s passed on. But there are a lot of people out there right now who say that, at the moment, the voice of the channeler sometimes gets in the way. So, would you agree with that? Or how do you actually know it’s Matthew or Hatonn, who you also channel, or any of the other people that you receive messages from? Is there a really definite line between you and them?

SW: In the beginning, there was a definite difference in Matthew’s energy alone. When he was speaking to me, you know, sort of as my 17-year-old son – not that he didn’t know a lot more – but it was definitely mother’s son. He would speak about the things that he knew were so intensely personal to me. And that was one – I would feel that energy one way.

When he started describing things, explaining things – that just boggled my mind. His energy was on a totally different level, like a professor lecturing. So, just with Matthew alone, I could feel the difference. And there were profound differences in the beings to whom he introduced me.

SC: So, each time that it’s been a Hatonn or Ashtar or any of the others, Matthew has always introduced you to them first?

SW: No, that’s not quite right.

SC: Okay. So, some of them.

SW: It was, actually – this is not in any of the books – but Hatonn came to me first of all. I was sitting at the kitchen table wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

SC: This is before Matthew?

SW: This is before Matthew.

SC: Okay! Oooh! [laugh]

SW: Yeah. And all of a sudden I felt an energy so powerful that I’m surprised it didn’t knock me off the chair. It went through me with such forcefulness that – well, it’s hard to describe, because I think of it as being, you know, hit by a railroad train. But there was no physical … there was no impact, it was just that forcefulness of the energy going right through my body and just immediately, I said, “Hatonn?” And he said, “Yes!”

And he – he speaks with even more authority than Matthew does.

SC: [laugh] Is that possible?

SW: Yeah! Well, in this case, it certainly was. He said, “You love Earth. You said you want to be of service to Earth. And there you sit doing nothing at all about it!” He said, “You’ve been told what to do! Do it!” And that was the end of it.

SC: And what had you been told you were to do at that point?

SW: Okay. The suggestion that had been given to me was to write a short note to Matthew, just like, “Matthew, today I’m wondering more than usual what you’re up to, what you’re doing. I’d love to hear from you. I hope you know that all the dogs are fine, and I’m happy.”

SC: So, the sort of thing a mom would write to her son. Yeah?

SW: Yes. What I’d been told was that eventually I would get a thought that I knew was not my own. And it was only about my third day of writing a note that, as I explained to you, I — I — but I — it is more than a thought, Stephen! I can hear his voice as clearly as I hear yours.

SC: You’re so lucky.

SW: Well, yes, I am. I — I am.

SC: And then we’re lucky that you’ve gone on and shared this. But I just want to take one quick step back to Matthew’s ongoing messages. I love how he always says, “Loving greetings from all souls at this station.” And it always sounds to me like there’s millions of them all hanging out on some space station somewhere, and they’re having a really great party.

So, do you … do you know where that station is? Has he ever told you where that station is?

SW: ‘Station?’ Hmmmm, I think that term is used because it’s not definable. It is souls at that level of soul evolvement who have asked him to be their spokesperson. Actually, Matthew has not been in Nirvana, which he told me is the proper name of the world that we call heaven. And I’ll tell you in a moment what I told him about that.

After he had progressed to being head of their soul transition team, and that is millions of souls, because … well, because that many are needed, because they’re not on duty 24/7, every single one of them. But about 12 or 13 years ago —

SC: So you’re saying there are shift workers up there? [laugh]

SW: Pardon me?

SC: Are you saying there are shift workers up there?

SW: Shift work, yes! And he never referred to it as work, he always referred to it as service.

SC: Service, I love that word.

SW: But about 12 or 13 years ago, it was time for him to move on, for his primary assistant to move on up, and Matthew was given a choice of incarnating in a very advanced, spiritually advanced civilization, or becoming a member of the hundred member Council of Nirvana – which has nothing to do with bureaucratic methods at all. They just sort of keep order. But it is quite a distinction.

And the third choice – and it certainly … knowing my son it doesn’t surprise me that he chose this one. By that time, he had become quite well known for his improvements in the soul’s transition service. And other civilizations were inviting him, other physical civilizations were inviting him, to visit them, evaluate their spirit world, and help them upgrade them.

So, he was doing that. And then, so many invitations came in that it became a full time service. And since he is such an adventurer, that is what he chose to do. And when he goes to these civilizations – and it’s not even just in our galaxy, it’s in other galaxies …

SC: Everywhere. The multi-universes.

SW: … yeah – he manifests the body that fits in.

SC: Now, you just said something to me that I’d never thought about before. Maybe you have. He became their spokesperson. Now, you were an editor and a manager of communications for a multinational corporation, and while writing may have come easily to you, but maybe not the subject matter at first, maybe you taught him how to be a spokesperson for a big organization.

SW: Oh, I don’t think so. [laugh] I don’t think so! My ability at public speaking is nil. So is my …

SC: Well, you’re doing pretty well so far. [laugh]

SW: At any rate, Matthew … the professor Matthew, is an orator. And I … obviously in the pre-birth agreement I signed up to be able to be a good secretary, to, you know, to be able to record exactly what I’m hearing, like a typing student types what the instructor is telling them to.

SC: But then — okay, well then, and having been an editor and a manager of communications before, though, that must help you with the communication you’re doing now on his behalf.

SW: What it does – well, it did: it helped me organize all of the material for the books.

SC: And did it help you with your actual physical – like, when you say organizing the material, in actually putting them chronologically, or setting them out with themes?

SW: Setting up an index …. By the time that I finally agreed to – and this – Matthew finally told me why he left at such an early age. And I finally agreed to start work on a book. I had …

SC: Well, let’s just talk about that for a minute, though, Suzy, because that is quite important. Because he also told you something that was probably, you know … while you lost him and you were waiting and you didn’t know if everything was all right, and then suddenly 14 years later he finally contacted you. There was a day, though, when he actually told you that the two of you had this incredible pre-birth soul agreement. And that really rocked you at the time.

SW: Oh. It … it was – fresh grief all over again, that he had died for a book.

SC: But the — also the —

SW: Yeah, and that I agreed to it.

SC: Yes.

SW: You know, it’s — it’s just inconceivable, in our limited knowledge in this world, because we have no remembrance at all of any of our pre-birth agreements. And we all make them. And the — all the souls who want to participate in the same lifetime do it with unconditional love of one for another. And these agreements are designed for the soul growth of every single one who’s involved. This is parents, children, grandparents, teachers, students, everybody who influences our lives in any significant way.

And these match-ups can be done only in the continuum, where linear time doesn’t exist. Everything is happening simultaneously, as a series of events. So, that’s why all of these souls, going back generations, participate in the lifetime that we are living right this minute.

SC: And so, in your case, the two of you had a pre-birth agreement that he would pass at the age of 17 and that at some point you two would connect, and then you would write all of the Matthew books.

SW: Well, it was supposed to be A book.

SC: [laugh] Okay! So, so you’ve actually outdone your pre-birth agreement!

SW: Yeah… I mean, it just kept growing and growing. Well, and I think it would be logical to ask, well, you know, he didn’t contact me for 14 years — why did he have to die 14 years prior to that?

SC: And what’s the answer to that?

SW: Well, the answer is that my energy was so shattered. In the pre-birth agreement, the whole family thought that we could handle Matthew’s leaving much better than we did. My grief was so prolonged and so profound that my energy was shattered. And … it … it took almost that long for me to get back into balance. And that was not by accident.

My husband – not the children’s father – but my late husband; the children’s father is still living was offered a job in this area, and out of the blue, and I located a property here that …

SC: Where you now live…

SW: I literally had to spend three days convincing the realtor to show it to me, but for some reason I was relentless. And I knew, when she drove into the driveway. I looked at all of these hundred-feet tall evergreens, and I just put up my arms and I said, thank you, God. And, and at any rate, we did buy this home. It was almost 19 years ago now. And the trees, the energy from these trees — I mean, there are square miles of them! — helped me heal.

And then, of course, I got that kick in the butt from Hatonn. And Matthew did tell me later, yes, Hatonn infused me — that powerful force I explained to you was Hatonn infusing me with the energy level that I needed so Matthew could connect with me a few days later.

SC: Now, can I ask some questions about Matthew’s messages? Because I’m one of those people that, you know, we hear about the third density, the third dimension. Matthew often talks about the fourth density. And then of course there’s the fifth dimension, where Earth is moving to.

So, can you just explain that a little bit, because you were talking to me the other day in our pre-interview chat, but it’s quite an easy concept to understand even though some of us have been sitting here trying to fathom it for ages.

SW: Well, actually, if I said it’s an easy concept to understand, I — that’s not so. [laugh] I understand how …

SC: Well, you explained it really easily to me the other day. [laugh]

SW: Oh, thank you. Thank you for saying that. It took me a long time to really comprehend this, too. First of all, density, Matthew told me, is the more scientific term for this, because everything has dimensions — you know, width, the height, weight, length, all of that. Whereas density — and there are two scientific definitions of density. The first is form, or mass, and the location of that form or mass. The second definition is the soul evolvement status of each of us.

And that’s why people get confused. It’s easy to understand. For instance, Earth … for millennia, Earth had been mired in deep third density. Darkness flourishes in third density. Everything that we could call evil, everything that is wrong with our world that has created these vast disparities between the billionaires and the billions who are living at bare subsistence level, all of that comes with third density, the darkness in hearts and minds.

About 70 or so years ago, Earth either … Earth had to decide whether to ask for help to ascend out of that depth of darkness, or let her planetary body die, because she had given her light as long as she could to keep her body alive. I mean, the millennia of bloodshed, the inhumanities of humankind to each other, the inhumanity to animals, and then the greed, the deception, the tyranny, all of that, all of that.

She simply could not survive any longer. She cried out for help and God instantly authorized advanced civilizations to come to her aid. There was an instantaneous, massive infusion of light from powerful, far distant sources. And the first thing is that this light started stabilizing Earth’s orbit. She simply had no more strength to stay in orbit. And she was on the brink of leaving orbit into certain destruction.

Okay, that is the density, what third density did to her. And throughout these seven-plus decades since the beginning of her Ascension, Earth now is on the horizon of entering fourth density, as a mass, as a location. But, always, her soul has been in fifth density. She – her soul – originated, and so did her planetary body, in fifth density. Her soul remained there during those eons of spiraling slowly, but steadily, down into deep third density.

And what I’ve been told is that third density is excruciatingly — Matthew just put that word in there! — excruciatingly difficult to rise out of. And this Ascension process that we’re going through is unique in the universe. We are literally making universal history here. And we all chose to be a part of it. This goes back to the continuum where the master planners of — and those master planners of Earth’s golden age are members of the highest universal council.

So, these members come from a variety of civilizations at that peak of spiritual awareness, at that peak of ancient wisdom. And it’s almost as correct — well, it is; Matthew just corrected me there, too — it is as correct to say that this Ascension and the plan for it, the master plan for it, was developed in antiquity, as it is to say that it was planned seventy-some years ago, because in the continuum the timelessness of the continuum is what enables all of that to be done.

Okay. Our next density —

SC: I love that Matthew’s with us right now. It’s fantastic!

SW: Oh, yes, and has been all along! But as he said, “Mother, I have loved being here, and you really were doing very well on your own. You just needed me to pop in…”


SC: Now, sorry, you’re up to the fifth density?

SW: That’s high praise from Matthew!

SC: Now, you’re up to the fifth density?

SW: No. No. There … it is a misconception that Earth is in fourth density already. Because if it were, if Earth were in fourth density, everything that we see now going on — the wars continuing, all of the random violence other than wars, all the corruption and deception that still hasn’t been uncovered — that all would be past, because those actions, and the people who initiate those actions, emit such low vibrations that they could not enter fourth density. Because those are still rooted in ruthlessness and greed and control. And it … when we get to fourth density, all of that will be gone. Okay…

SC: So, Suzy, are you saying, then, that we’re still in third now. Fourth, does that mean fourth is around the 21st of December, and then we slowly move into fifth density? Because some of us are sitting here believing that on the 21st of December, bang, everyone moves to fifth density. Some believe that the planet’s going to split in two, the dark, third density people remain on one planet and Earth literally transcends to fifth. Others have said there’s a hologram Earth that develops that the dark will stay on.

I have to say, I don’t know, and you have a far clearer path. So, would you like to tell us what actually happens?

SW: I’d be happy to tell you what I have heard from all of my sources. And now, I would like to mention that God is one of my sources.

SC: Yes. Yes, I didn’t say that earlier.

SW: No, no. And that’s perfectly okay. You know, even though it says the Matthew Books on the cover, God explained to me as soon as he got in touch with me back in 1997, “These are my books, Suzy, that I’ve entrusted to you to get published.”

So, at any rate, when I say ‘all my sources’, I am including God. And this is what I have heard.

Ascension is a process, it is not an event. December 21st is when the Mayan calendar ends, and so that is … that date has become very significant as something very profound happening on that date or the next day. No. As Matthew said, December 20th is not going to be much different from the 21st, and the 22nd is not going to be much different from the 21st. But by the end of this year — and this celestial window has some flexibility in it — for Earth to leave third density vibrations and enter fourth.

Now, we’re speaking now of the planet…

SC: Yes.

SW: … itself. Many beings on the planet now — and living among us are many souls from other civilizations who came to assist us, the ground crew, I guess you can say. Because there are thousands of others in spacecraft that are surrounding us and have been helping us technologically all along. But, at any rate, the density that I’m speaking of that we will be leaving, leaving third and going into fourth, is that first definition, a form or mass, and location.

Now, the people here, and those who are assisting us, as Matthew said, because of the behavior of some on the planet, the ones that he refers to as the dark ones, they have regressed from third into even lower densities, insofar as the amount of light in their souls. And there are others on the planet who go up as high as eighth density, in soul evolvement.

But back to the timing on this. We are leaving linear time, because that is the third density invention …

SC: Yes.

SW: … and we sense this movement as time passing faster and faster, but actually what we’re doing is moving into higher energy layers, increasingly higher vibrations. And that is going to continue. We are reaching the point where the last of the fourth [sic] density vibrations are weakening and thinning out, there are fewer of them, and they are beginning to mingle with the vibrations of fourth density. And around the end of the year, it doesn’t have to be on the 21st of January — I mean of December.

SC: December, yeah.

SW: It can be the 28th, it can be the 2nd of January, because we’re not going to feel that much different.

SC: But you have said we’re in for a very exciting time.

SW: Oh! Absolutely. You know, the next six months, as I told you when we were speaking the other night, when I was sort of thinking, “Well, how will I explain this?” and Matthew came in with “Hell’s a’poppin’” — remember?

SC: Yes, I do.

SW: Okay. Because so many truths will be coming out, so many reforms will be made that it’s going to — it’s going to be a really profound experience, especially for people who have no idea at all about the Ascension process. The people who are — whose minds have not yet been opened to something other than the official line, government’s official line, and especially what is reported in the media — the media is still somewhat controlled — and, but a large part is that simply it is not known what is going on.

You know, that people are definitely aware of changes; you know, certainly the economic situation, with many national economies either bankrupt or on the brink — which affects the world economy — I mean, this is certainly well known. It is well known that Arab Spring that started in Tunisia and spread, and even though, say, in Egypt the results of the recent election are being disputed or … maybe if they haven’t had the election yet …

SC: No, no, no. They’ve — it’s going on even this week, this weekend just passed. So…

SW: Yeah. Yes. Yeah, Matthew just helped me with that, because I really don’t have much time to follow the news. But, at any rate, you know, we see that instability there. We see the war in Syria, you know, the agony of those people. And we … the political and economic analysts can base their ideas only on history. Nothing that is happening now can be related to — to the world, to our world’s history, even if it’s its recorded history.

The entire universe is going through changes, and what is happening on Earth is unprecedented. Never before has a civilization been able to rise out of a third density and have so much assistance from other civilizations, so that this Ascension can be made with the speed and the scope that it is.

SC: Now, Suzy, in all the messages you receive, they’re coming through you — through your — through mentally, I suppose, is the best way;, and through energetically. But have you ever had any spaceship experiences, or seen any forms that are leading us towards the opening of Disclosure?

SW: None.

SC: None. [laugh] You have to …

SW: I’ll tell you. It is really, really easy for me to be very humble about what I do, because I know people who have immense powers to activate the healing mechanisms of other people’s bodies; I know people who remember their visits in Nirvana.

SC: Oh, I know! And aren’t we jealous of them! [laugh]

SW: Yeah! And I know people who remember visiting on spacecraft! I know people who remember other lifetimes in other civilizations. I mean, you know, really — my gift — and I do think of it as a gift only because it, you know, I’ve had it now for eighteen and a half years, and, but, and because, I, you know, of what I’ve done with it, that has been really helpful. And…

SC: Oh, and it has! You’ve helped so many people.

SW: … I say that because I have heard from thousands and thousands of people how helpful the books and messages have been for them.

But the thing is, every one of us has this capacity. Telepathic communication is our birthright, it’s part of our soul. And telepathic communication connections are opening now.

So, I just want to say a word about, dark entities are just as eager to reach us as the lighted beings are. So, if you are — if you are hearing from other sources, please be sure to ask for the protection of the Christed Light, which has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. The Christed Light comes directly from Creator through God. And it’s the most powerful force. Love light is the same energy and it’s the most powerful force in the cosmos.

Okay, back to that. Please ask for the protection of the Christed Light …

SC: Oh, absolutely.

SW: … and demand that your sources identify themselves, if they haven’t already done so. And, please, don’t ever try to communicate telepathically if you are fatigued or sick, or if you’re stressed, stressed out about anything, whether it’s finances, your own or somebody who’s dear to you, or the problems that a family member or a dear friend is having, because any sort of stress lowers your energy level.

SC: Well, speaking of stress, Suzy, what do you do to relax?

SW: Uhm … hmm… Okay! I wish I could say something that was really high-minded! … But I watch old movies late at night. I work crossroad puzzles. I need to be doing something with my hands, I can’t just watch TV, so I play solitaire. I work the crossword puzzles at the same time. I brush my dogs [laugh] and …

SC: And you’ve got five dogs, so they keep you pretty busy.

SW: Oh, they do. They — they — they are a joy. My children and my grandchildren live in Latin America, and so this is my in-residence family. We talk to each other, and that is really wonderful, because I do mean we talk to each other.

SC: Yes, I know. [laugh]

SW: You know, it’s not just my telling them, “Okay, it’s dinnertime.”

SC: In fact, it must be funny in your house, because not only have you got the dogs, you’ve also got Matthew, Hatonn and everybody coming in. So, you must never run out of things to talk about! [laugh]

SW: Yes. And there are all these, you know, these — these chats that I have. And I take the dogs for a walk almost every day, and it seems that — and this is such a beautiful area; it’s a little private community, and everybody has five acres, five wooded acres, and so it’s a little private, hilly-daley, curvy road; it’s just such an ideal place to walk with the kids, and I just feel so close with the nature here — and for some reason it’s Serapis Bey and I who chat, either…

SC: Okay.

SW: …and he says, “Thank you!” Or all of a sudden I hear :“It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?” And I say, “Serapis!” And he says, “Yes, my dear. Here I am, your friend and companion.” So…

SC: Well, Suzy, also music’s very important …

SW: He laughs a lot.

SC: And music’s very important. Now, I asked you if you would like to select a track today, and I hope you don’t mind if we share this little story with everybody listening. I asked you to select a track, and you said, “Something classical,” and then Matthew came in and said, “Something with harp.” And funnily enough, even before you chose it, I knew what piece of music you were going to choose.

SW: Yes. You sent me three selections, and…. Yeah, it — it — it was — it wasn’t even a toss-up here. I mean, I just sensed, with the first few notes, this is the right one. And Matthew said, “Please tell Stephen this is exactly what I had hoped for!”


So, and, and I think that this is a — just, it didn’t surprise me in the least! I think this is a three-way connection that we have here.

SC: Well, Suzy, it’s been an absolute pleasure hearing all about your Light Agenda today. And, of course, for you listening now, if you want to find out more about Suzy, you can to

I’ll be back here again next week with The Light Agenda, when my guest will be the man who spent hours and hours tabling all the updates on the recent banking resignations and then suddenly found himself confronted with instant fame and a popular blog all at the same time. That is American Kabuki. So, just like Suzy today, what a fascinating life story he has. And I hope you’ll join me and American Kabuki next time.

Meanwhile, this is Stephen Cook, and as always, in everything you do this week, may you only serve the Light Agenda.

Now, we’re going to sit back and relax, and this is Suzy and Matthew Ward’s music choice, “Milonga Magica” by harpist Andreas Vollenweider.

Suzy, thank you so much.

SW: Thank you, Stephen. My blessings and love to you and to all your listeners. And from Matthew, too.

SC: Thank you so much, Suzy. Take care.

SW: You too!

[music – ‘Milonga Magica’ by Andreas Vollenweider]


The Light Agenda – Presented by Stephen Cook. InLight Radio – Wednesdays at 6pm (PDT, USA) / 9pm (EDT)



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