The manuscript of survival – part 156

 24 June 2012 

aisha north

As we have said on so many occasions, mankind has been through a struggle in order to get where they are now, but as you have already felt very strongly, this ordeal is not over yet. Before you all turn away in despair from these words, let us hasten to add that you are indeed well on your way to complete this journey, but as everything will be intensified towards the end as it were, the pressure is indeed mounting by the day, and the focus on the end goal can be hard to keep for some. That is understandable, as it is by no means an easy task to keep striving forwards when everything around you seems to be falling further and further back every day, and where the glimmers of hope seems to be few and far between.

That is easy to understand, but also easy to explain, as those clinging on to the power are by now more than desperate to try to convince not only you, but also themselves, that they can ride out this storm too. Not so, as their powers are not only diminished, they are weakened beyond repair, but as we have stated on so many occasions, they are indeed prepared to put on a mighty show to convince you otherwise.

But what can I do to make things change even faster, we hear you ask. And the answer is: nothing. Or rather, what you are already doing, is exactly what you need to keep on doing, as your mere presence here, holding the energies that you do, is in fact exactly why you are here. You are acting as torches, putting the fire under the feet of everyone that tries to hold their ground and stick to the old and dead energies, and you do a formidable job too. But alas, for many, that is not enough at the moment, and they feel their spirits waning as the days go by and everything seems to be ever more miserable around them. Again, that is understandable, but just remember that you all came here knowing fully well just how hard this period would be, when you are almost desperate to cross the finishing line, but you fail to see it approaching in any way.

Rest assured dear ones, the finishing line is literally under your noses, but as yet, you can only perceive it if you manage to connect to that space inside where you just KNOW that everything is going according to plan, and that you are perfectly poised to complete this journey at the exact right moment in time, and cross into new territory hand in hand with thousands of other jubilant beings. But again, this will be empty words to all those still struggling to get through just one more day, when they feel their fighting spirit literally slinking out the back door, desperate to try to find just one positive thing to affirm not only their own progress, but also the entire planets’. Please know that you are all held in the highest regard, no matter how high a regard you have for yourselves at the moment, and to those of you having a hard time now, we extend our deepest regards, as you are the ones that will indeed contribute the greatest efforts to this project. We hope this will bring you some solace, as the days ahead will continue to tax you hard in so many ways.

But again, even if you cannot seem to find any proof of this immense change that is taking place just yet, know that it is indeed exactly as we want it to be, and know that you are all doing an important part in bringing it about. Even when you feel totally drained and unable to even move a muscle, you are pulling mightily in the right direction. Cudos to you all, you are fighting hard on behalf of us all, and remember that the most challenging part of this process is not the DOING, it is the WAITING, and we think you all feel that you have had more than your fair share of this waiting already. But still, you will have to endure some more of it, but remember that we are all standing beside you throughout it all, and we can see the hard work you really do while you only can see the waiting. So take some time to aknowledge your own brilliance, because without you, nothing could ever be better in this world, and without you, mankind would be stuck in the old morass forever. Know that you are extracting yourselves from this morass even as we speak, but the pull it has had on you for such a long time is so strong it will literally feel like it is still clinging to your feet even after you have managed to free yourselves from its suction.

Again, the lingering effect from all of this old energy is strong indeed, so remember to take a deep breath and feel just how much more leeway you do have now compared to earlier. It is easy to be duped by these old, lingering impressions of imprisonment, especially when it seems to be paraded in front of your eyes constantly, but your soul knows better, and your soul is already rejoicing. So try to listen, and you will hear its jubilance under the din of the collapsing systems that surrounds you on all sides. And yes, they are indeed all collapsing, even if they all try to make you believe that they are never, ever going to give up the hold they have on you. Trust us, you cannot fail, and trust us, they cannot but fail.



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