Messages of Love

From The Messages from God

through Yael and Doug Powell

As you hear the clock of time ticking through the world, it is the metronome of a false reality, for you are the moment of dawn that is never changing, never fading and never waning into darkness. Most of the world keeps faith in time and the inexorable march of this illusion, but your heart holds only the real truth of Love’s continual, eternal dawning and its magnificence.

It is time, My beautiful and beloved ones, to re-attune your hearts to what is Real, to leave behind the belief in linear time and to claim the Moment of Creation itself as your reality. It truly is, and it is the most exquisite and delicious experience of sun-drenched life and its vitality that brings you everything that you need, always – beyond any concept of limitation.

From The Messages from God
2012-06-25 | Circle of Light



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