Dear friends, please find below new message from SaLuSa, Blessings and love, Laura


SaLuSa to Me – We are All Related and Connected – 25 June 2012

Dear ones, we are on the verge of great new changes on your world. As guardians and protectors of your planet, the Galactic Federation will closely work with the ones among you who will be welcoming our presence and who have a great understanding of the situation at hand. We have already made a subtle contact with many of you in a position of influence and who are open to spiritual understanding of the unique situation on Earth at the time.

We very much look forward to working with you in a more open manner and without any hindrance. We are very aware of the resistance among you concerning our arrival on your planet. We are aware of the possible fear many would experience at the sight of our mother ships decloaking in your space. We wish to avoid a confrontational situation of course, and have no desire to spread doubt, fear and infighting in your belief where we are concerned.

We have made our presence more and more obvious in the past 60 years in your skies. Many of you are still denying our very existence, however, your scientists are preparing you to the fact that life in outer space is as common as the fish populating your oceans. Life in space is in no way different to life in the ocean. Your governments have done their best to keep you in the dark ages for many years where life in space is concerned. However you now know that water is found on many other planets, you are also told by your science that many planets exist in the universe, and you are also been made aware of the fact that life came from outer space.

Dear ones, as you know there are many words in the universe, many Suns, many Galaxies. Life is abundant and never cesses to continue it expansions. There are many planets and solar systems as old as your own world, and much older. It is not unreasonable now for the layman to comprehend the implications on life on alien planets. We are indeed very near to a mass acceptance of the reality of advanced intelligent life on other worlds.

There is also much talk about “your” world, not being “our” world. These are further attempts for separation between species and beings. For indeed, ultimately are we not all one and part of the same being? I would also like to reassure you on the fact that the species allowed to enter your space are benevolent beings or ascended beings. Ascended beings have the same level of consciousness, knowledge and unconditional love. It is entirely irrelevant to what species an ascended being originates from, as we all originate from our loving Creator, the same and one being. Ascended beings are just one step closer to him than not yet Ascended ones.

Furthermore, many of you have had many, many lives on other worlds, on far away planets, from other galaxies and other dimensions. It is only natural that we are all in fact linked and connected in the ethereal world. It is only natural that the beings who you had relationships with and who you had shared previous lives on other worlds wish to reunite with you all at a time such as this.

Dear friends, my message of today is very simple: we are all related, we are all connected and we are all ultimately love and come from the same One Creator.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, although I am somewhat attached to Sirius and use it in my name for recognition purposes; I also have had many lives on Earth, and on many other worlds. I wish you well and send my unconditional love to you all dear Brothers and Sisters from Earth.

Thank you, SaLuSa

Channeled by Laura Tyco



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