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Ok, I made contact during meditation before sleep at 2:30 am this morning.

At the beginning of my last night’s meditation, as soon as I had decided I would join your team, I could feel a presence guiding me through the connection process. They said I was a powerful telepath, and I would naturally hear them, I just had to trust the process, and use the help of my pendulum or of my Sedona crystal.

I was invited to think of my body as an anchor and a light pyramid of pure crystal. I was told this was one arm of the Merkaba. I was asked to place my body in the centre of the pyramid, and to go deep at the back of my body, and feel the connection to my spine. The spine is a huge receiver of information, receiving data in permanence, from all directions along its entire length I was expained.

I guess this is how we communicated, with me opening up to them.

I met Noxy, she showed herself to me as a gigantic human, she was wearing white and green, her hair was looking like a cabbage (no fun intended), or someone with white hair, and laurel crown coming out of the short white hair.. at some point, she tried to connect our minds deeper, and as her mind connected 2 mine through her hair binding and connecting to my mind, there was a point when she gave up for some reason.
Then someone else came, I assume it was Adrial, she is also tall, long brown hair, giant filiform like, she wears green clothes with wide sleeves, very calm and peaceful and loving. Her movements are very slow and connected; she is very balanced and loving.
She came to me, during my being half asleep, and opened up her arms in such an affectionate embrace; it makes me cry as I am writing this. She welcomed me to join them and work with them.

I went upstairs in my room, she asked me to hold on to the crystal in my hands during sleep, she said it would help remain connected. She said I would be welcome to work with her team, and that we had much to do.
But first we would have to do some cleansing and clearing of my own body, as i was so tense and surrounded by unwanted beings. She asked me to imagine a crystal pyramid over my body, and that the pyramid was in fact inside the actual pyramid.

Just as I read on Leslee’s article, the darker shadows left my surroundings.

She also added that the work I would be doing with her and her team would be like fishing for the souls lost in the darkest, deepest ocean, the ones who rarely see the light, and that our mission would be to help them emerge on the surface. She also said we would begin by working on a difficult situation for someone I am connected with, and who was in need of help also. I recall fallowing her into water like dark substance, looking for the souls she had in mind. After that she said we would move on to others during the night.
I woke up a few times during the procedure, it was absolutely magic!!

I want to do it again!! when are we on again?? Next weekend? Perhaps I will ask to join them more often, as I am free some days during the week, and i don’t mind having an active night. All my fears and stress I had experienced the 2 days before have vanished as I woke up. I feel so regenerated and refreshed!

I recalled this morning of Alex Collier mentioning Andromeandan appearance was long and slender.. Wow!!! All so real <3

Much love and gratitude to our beloved team <3


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