There is unacknowledged, unseen, and infinite value within every human


by John Smallman

With the excitement mounting, as more and more of the essential changes needed to bring on the moment of your awakening occur, do take time out daily to relax or put yourselves into a peaceful or meditative state.  Focus your attention on the field of divine Love that envelops the planet, and which is encouraging you to open your hearts to accept unconditionally, lovingly, and compassionately all who are embodied on Earth at this extraordinary time.

Everyone who is here now chose to be here, and each one has a path that they are following for the lessons that it offers them to guide them in their spiritual evolvement, and that it presents to others so that they may learn to understand and accept that there is unacknowledged, unseen, and infinite value within every human, regardless of the face he or she may display publicly.  God created you all in Love, so to reject or judge anyone is to do so to God!

You are loved, infinitely, always, and eternally.  The fact that you do not presently experience that feeling is purely because you are lost within the illusion — confused, and questioning all the wrong things!  There truly is nothing to question; you just need to accept that you are divine beings of infinite value — every one of you, without exception — and to express love unconditionally at all times, for all.

Within the illusion, that is asking a lot as you see the misery and suffering that others are causing (and you know that there are none among you who have never behaved unlovingly!).  Many of you believe they must be stopped, and forcefully if necessary.  But your history shows you that forceful intervention only leads to pain, resentment, and more violence.

You need to summon up the courage (and you have limitless assistance from the spiritual realms to help you do this) to always and only engage lovingly — whatever the situation.  It works.  You just have not attempted to do it as a people.  Small loving communities have been established on Earth many times, but it seems that when the founders move on, intense efforts are made to enshrine their loving guidance in inflexible, limiting, and judgmental statutes, leading to disagreement, conflict and the dissolution of those communities.

Deep within, you do know that love is the answer, but because of the pain and suffering each of you has experienced over many lifetimes, you are reluctant to make yourselves vulnerable by offering love, as you fear that it might be spurned, making you look weak, naïve, and foolish.  The actuality is that even if you experience treatment like that, the love you offered has an enormous effect as it spreads out and softens the unloving energies that are so prevalent on planet Earth.  More and more of you are doing this now, and you can see the results of compassionate acceptance of other cultures, beliefs, and philosophies showing up all over the world.

Each single human offering love instead of negativity, defense, attack, or indifference causes an enormous intensification of the divine Love field encircling the Earth, because when you offer the gift of love your heavenly Father further intensifies it more than one thousandfold.  Never think or believe that you are wasting your time, your breath, or your energy when you offer love, even silently and quietly as you meditate.  Love is the infinite power of creation, and your task is to embrace It and share It, and by doing so you play your essential and vital role in bringing on the moment of your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.



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