Do not be fooled by these fear-mongering tactics.

June 24, 2012 by John Smallman

God’s love for humanity is beyond any concept that can be imagined while you are enclosed within the illusion and entranced by it, as so many of you are.  Yes, there is much that is wrong, unsettling, and that causes suffering as you experience life in the illusion, but that does not prevent you from being entranced by it.  Even those of you who know that you are experiencing life in an illusory state still find it almost impossible not to identify with your body almost all the time as it makes its constant demands on you – sleep, nourishment, healing, entertainment, distraction, movement, etc.

The illusion is very convincing because it is a mass belief system about an illusory environment that all of humanity chose to engage with and maintain.  When someone realizes this and attempts to draw attention to the insanity of it he is quickly ridiculed and told that it is he that is insane, a nutcase.  He may even be institutionalized or arrested if the “authorities” believe him to be a threat to himself or to society.

And of course, within your illusion, there are indeed some who are more disturbed than most and who do need to be restrained for their own good or for that of society.  Frequently, however, the boundary between these two states is very difficult for you to sensibly discern, and this increases the suffering of those who are already feeling like social outcasts when others judge them and find them wanting.

Many of you do try very hard and spend much time meditating to relieve and reduce the disharmonies, the imbalances, the conflicts, and the disagreements that occur in your families or in society at large, and this is most commendable – it is love in action – but the fact remains that the illusion is an illusory state from which you are to awaken.  Until that happens many issues will continue to arise that disturb and unsettle you, and it may well seem to you that to attempt to assist others often only aggravates a situation.  Just remind yourselves that this is not the case – every loving thought, word, or action has very far reaching beneficial effects even though they are not apparent to you.

To behave lovingly and to address and release unloving behaviors and attitudes is the path to your awakening, and never before in human history has such a vast multitude of humanity trodden this path together.  That is why there is so much joy in the spiritual realms, and why so much assistance and love is pouring down on the planet at this point in your evolution.  Because of this there is absolutely not the slightest possibility that humanity will be unsuccessful, and so your awakening is guaranteed.

Do not be unsettled by the bad news, the suffering, the unfairness, and the conflicts on which so many, no doubt inspired by the constant outpourings from the mainstream media, appear to be focusing their undivided attention.  Enormous changes are occurring in preparation for the moment of your awakening, and because that involves the dissolution of the illusion it often appears that things are going steadily from bad to worse as you are constantly informed about the growing number of woes and disasters all over the world.

Part of the reason for this influx of bad news is that those who would run the world and control you see that they are losing their grip.  They are frightened, and they want to frighten everyone else into believing that only they know how to solve the issues that are threatening worldwide stability.  Then they believe that they can reestablish their self-awarded or inherited pre-eminence, and take the power that ordinary people willingly or unwillingly give them when those people accept that that is their role.

Do not be fooled by these fear-mongering tactics, their sole purpose is to convince you of your inadequacy and their brilliance so that they can continue to try and run the world solely for their own benefit.  Their days are numbered.  They no longer have the influence, the competence, or the support to maintain their authority structures and the self-centered agendas that those structures support, and it is those that you can now see are on the verge of collapse.

God’s plan for your awakening, for your return to full consciousness, and for the dissolution of the illusion is moving forwards precisely as He intends, and nothing stands in its way.  You are going to awaken into the glory of your true and divine state, and your joy and amazement will be wondrous.  Remind yourselves of this frequently throughout the day, and relax in the knowledge of this divine truth.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



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