Greetings, precious Children of Gaia, we are the Council of the Venus Ray. We come in Unity.  On this day we ask you today to envision a world without war.  A world without hatred and dissent.  No sadness, famine, disease, imprisonment or injustice.  No limitation or lack.  Envision a world where all exist in harmony, each and every child with untainted food to eat, a roof above their head and garments on their backs.  Envision this place so rich, so alive.  Be still and feel it’s essence permeate you, body and soul, this freedom from your pretty prison.  Recapture how it felt back in the time when you were flying high, without stressors and schedules, ending up wherever the winds should choose to take you.  Imagine peace.

See before your eyes a sparkling path of crystalline sand, ground down by the weight of the many who have tread before you.  Jewel-like it shines, so lovely and inviting, you cannot help but to set your feet upon it and follow it wherever it goes.  The color is of  fairest pink, the color of The Mother’s heart.  Sense the pressure of these stones against your skin.  How multifaceted they are, and thus you wonder, how is it that they do not sting?  So you walk on, and then before you is a Light.  You know this Light, as white as freshly fallen snow.  It lies not at the end, because this journey you are on does not have an end.  But still, you press on towards this Light.  And then you see her.  She is statuesque and lovely, and garbed in robes of the richest cerulean blue.  Never have your eyes beheld such beauty!  You know her instantly-it is The Mother, your Mother, and she is ready to now to take you home-far, far away from this world rampant with insanity and to your rightful state of Divinity and bliss.  The Mother has come home and she enfolds you in her rapture.

Approach her now, do not be shy.  For it she who gave you life, who bore you.  She stands beneath a cozy bower, overgrown with wild pink roses as bright and vivid as a summer’s sunrise.  To the left and to the right, the tiny roses branch out and extend out as far as the eye can see.  They are everywhere and form a carpet, and you may step on these as they are The Mother’s roses and have no thorns.  Her arms are open to you and she beckons you to come closer.  Go to her.  Go now.  Become One with her, enfolded in her loving and protective embrace.  Take refuge in this place of her eternal caring.  The wait is over now, Dear Children.  Choose this, and in doing so peace shall find you.  And so it is.

In service, we are The Council of the Venus Ray.

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