channelled through Sarinah

dated June 6, 2012

” D-Day ” – Declaration Day

When the road to ascension has been paved with so many human beings – how could we not meet together every day in order to evoke further reliefs for those on the journey ?

Thus we are working cooperately hand-in-hand since quite some time already, even if you are not aware of it.

Although you are being informed through channelled messages – the competent official agencies are still being secreet about our Galactic Family and the pertaining contact with us.

However you know that the worldly events are not happening in the same way as they are suggested and spread to you via your TV-Media-Mainstream -Channells .

As in the background preparations are made to liberate those out of the claws of the dark powers which had voted only once for this side because they were compelled and cornered to do so.

Still each new day given inorder to prepare your body-. soul- and spiritual system for the D-Day – the Declaratiom Day – is a win – win – day and not one of a loss even if it – at first – might look like one.

Later you will understand what is meant by it since it is not always the yellow of the egg if we disclose matters which are meant for you solely to be acknowledged by yourselves.

As you know you are Masters yourselves and we do not want to minimize your reward in any way by giving you the results beforehand.

This was one of the reasons for your incarnation – you wanted to experience yourselves, live out your life to its full extent, collect pieces of  experience from your life, which are all matters only possible when in the structure and form of embodiment.

We are hearing your voices calling us and we also register your request for assistance – for instance for the Free Energy !

We are telling you that we keep our promises – even if we cannot give you a fixed date as this would build up only pressure again and do not forget it is not only the light side informing itself here.

We are all tired of waiting still it is paramount important that the time of our coming matches perfectly with the performance-planning of our earthly Allies.

So we are all set for the start wherby we are not compelled to wait with starting our mutual activity until the players of the dualitiy- game have cleared the field.

As the order of sequence will anyway draw upon here all necessary events !

When you visit us in the night it is very often that you do not want to return – no matter where you just are in the spiritual realms - you are enjoying so much to be home again – that only in the very last moment you are persuaded by your angels to return when your material body is in urgent need of you.

And frequently you will often land out of sheer high spirits much too hart i.e. you are plunging back into your body while dismissing the warnings of your Angels and just zoom into your sleeping body-vehicles.

This is quite easily to understand since this way of diving into your physical bodies again with a bump is just another try of you lightbearer to keep in your consciousness of your mind of everything you have experienced in the celestial realms.

What happens ? You wake up with your heart beating strongly (only for some seconds), with perspiration, being breathless, or with cramping legs which makes it difficult to go on sleeping sometimes and often you feel restless….

Are you not tempted now to chuckle a bit ? It is not longing to die which induces you to extend your astral-travellings!

Yet it is more your longing to go embodied there where you meet your beloved ones which you believed to have lost for good

when you started your journey to Earth long ago.

While you are coping with your daily chores here there is some part of you still dwellingin the spiritual world for instance

for attending some important meetings!

Do you feel as if you are solely functioning over here and that you are not really being here just now? Do you feel as if you have to take a nap just now and as if you were divided in two parts?

Now this is nothing to be astounded at as the more we are approaching the First Contact (D-Day, Declaration-Day) the more frequently you will unite with those attending you so eagerly ! It therefore is not necessary that you have to get rid of your body as in former incarnations but you unite with the divine source in your Life which explains your tiredness and the lack of concentration in certain periods of your life here.

Thus the First Contact takes place since quite a while in your Microcomos, in your core and so it will also take place on the outside and Macrocosmos!

Beloved ones – when you hear at this point the question called out :When ? this will also be understood!  However these lines here are to show you that this time of “When” is all the more in your hands – and more than you believe and we, your Galactic friends, tell you – you are truly Masters - if it comes to accelerating time – even if you are sometimes not able to take note thereof accordingly.

We are drawing our hats before you saying : ” see you soon, dear friends, soon ….

Thank you Marix


Translated by ContraMary

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