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While playing the separation game, you have chosen to be unaware of Reality.


While playing the separation game, you have chosen to be unaware of Reality.
by John Smallman
2017-11-21-saul-audio-blog-for-tuesday-november-21st.mp3 Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday November 21st

Here in the spiritual realms we are delighted to watch humanity’s amazing progress as you move rapidly and inexorably towards awakening. You need to awaken, and increasing numbers of you are doing so, one at a time, but that one by one, “left lane closed ahead” method is coming to an end because the new Super Highway to awakening will shortly be brought into operation.

Everyone will awaken because it is God’s Will, and as there is only God there is only His Will. Therefore there is nothing to fear, even though the mainstream news is mostly reporting on fearful events to encourage you to live in fear, and pointing out large numbers of things and events of a fearful nature to justify this encouragement.

Love is free, open, undemanding, unconditional, utterly gentle, and infinitely powerful! As humans it is very difficult for you to see or believe that because you are so caught up in the seeming reality of the illusion where your very survival seems always to be under threat, and the evidence of that threat is seen in storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars, and sickness, which results in a constant and ongoing sense that “I need to defend and protect myself and my loved ones from all these horrors.” But engaging with that thought, or any similar one, and holding it in the forefront of awareness closes down your hearts and shuts out of your awareness the Love, the infinite field of Love, in which all of creation, including each one of you, is eternally present.

You are each eternal and immortal beings created for joy in the Presence of God. There is only God, and so you are always in that Presence, but because you chose to play the game of separation, and because when you were created you were given the Power of God, you were able to construct an unreal but seemingly very real physical environment that you have named the universe, sometimes even “the multiverse.” It seems vast, especially when compared to your physical form, nevertheless it is contained within You. Within you is the brilliant flame of divine Love, which is your eternal essence, and which is therefore You. It is Reality, It is You, and therefore all that exists does so within You. You are One with Source, Mother/Father/God, which by Its very nature is the infinite creative potential from which all arises.

However, while playing the separation game, you have chosen to be unaware of Reality in order to make the game seem totally real, which, you must admit, it does. To awaken is to make the choice to know Reality again by dissolving or disassembling the illusion, and you, humanity, the collective have made that choice along with a most powerful intent to make it happen NOW! Of course, as you have often been told, there is only Now, and so you ask: “WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!”

That is the paradox, you are awake, wakefulness is all around you, but you have individually chosen to continue engaging with the dream, with the illusion, and you do not want to let go of it because it is so familiar, and because you are afraid that it is all that there is. But Reality is all that there is, Reality is far vaster than you can possibly imagine, and herein lies the paradox.

Most of you have at least once, and probably many times, become so engaged with a play or a movie that you are watching, or a novel you are reading, that when it finishes the experience of it, the memories, hang on and continue to play out in your minds for quite a long time afterwards. Eventually, of course, the memory of the story fades, and you forget about it, except when someone mentions it in conversation and you revisit it as you discuss it.

Well, the illusion is gone, BUT you keep on conversing about it and re-engaging with it, making it seem very real. This is why your daily visits to your holy inner sanctuary are so important, because it is there that you can release your tightly held grip on unreality and awaken.

You have all heard of people who have done this and experienced a moment of WOW! Maybe you have even met one of them and conversed with them, or heard talks they have given, but you remain skeptical about what they tell you, and for fear of something worse – death and termination of consciousness, perhaps – you choose to continue to cling tightly to unreality. Remember, you always have a choice, you can always change your mind, which is an extremely limiting device, and then open to the infinite vastness of Reality, of God, of Love.

As an allegory, you could imagine having been shipwrecked and escaped from the wreck in a life boat in which you have spent weeks lost at sea and struggling to survive. There you are all alone in a vast ocean of nothingness, except for the life boat which is deteriorating beneath you. A very frightening situation. You probably shut down your awareness of the seemingly endless and unfriendly expanse of water surrounding you, and hunker down into dreams and memories of happier times, as one day rolls seamlessly into the next with nothing to differentiate them.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a ship appears and offers you a life line. But you have become so accustomed to being utterly alone and lost that you cannot believe that rescue is at hand, you think you are dreaming. Eventually the persistence of the rescue crew persuades you that you are not dreaming, that they are with you to rescue you, and they help you climb aboard the ship, into reality where the physical presence and experience of a hot bath, warm food, and a comfortable bed finally convinces you that you are indeed rescued, that you are safe, and then your joy knows no bounds.

So, to repeat yet again: Go within daily, allow your hearts to open to the Love that envelops and embraces you in every moment, and feel the warmth and the Love. That is Reality. And know that you cannot avoid awakening because dreams – the illusion – are ephemeral and do not last.

With so very much love, Saul.

Message from Matthew by Suzie Ward


November 20, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Long-time desires and hopes have swelled into a worldwide sea of demands: The citizenry, for moral integrity in their governments and justice systems; the poor, for a level playing field in all aspects of life; minority groups, for the same rights that others have; women, for personal, professional and cultural equity and respect; peoples everywhere, peace instead of war.

All of the attendant activity, known around the globe via social media and most countries’ mainstream news, is the harbinger of sweeping changes. But only the collaborators working within the light and all whose interests are profoundly adversely affected, those whose deeds are based in darkness, know that activity behind closed doors portends other monumental changes that will end the long dark reign on the planet. 

Down through the ages Earth civilizations have had other opportunities to throw off the shackles of control, but the darkness’ hold on the peoples through fear and deception was too formidable, too pervasive, to penetrate. This time, in response to Gaia’s cry for help, our Earth family has the powerful assistance of light beamed from distant sources and generated on the planet by volunteers such as yourselves. The light of your inner strength, perseverance and confidence has helped embolden the populace to wage a global revolution in the name of peace, justness and prosperity for all.

“Will the arrest of so many in Saudi Arabia’s officialdom further destabilize the volatile Middle East situation or it is perhaps a precursor to finally achieving stability and peace in that region?” We are aware that the arrests are deemed by some of your analysts as worrisome, but we see them as an indicator that that country no longer will support Illuminati interests by funding ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East, and that indeed is a step toward changing the region from a hotbed of violence into a land of stability and peace. We also see the arrests as a setback for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is at the peak of the Illuminati; when he is removed from power by his countrymen, whose interests he never has served, another blow will be dealt to that dark society whose plans include keeping the Mideast roiling. 

“Could you address what Light workers may be experiencing physically at this time? You have talked about this subject before but the energy is more intense now, so what can we expect? It makes the symptoms easier to deal with when we have information. Can we hope that our bodies will settle into the new energies and we can feel good again? Is there a time for all of this to happen?” To be sure, the intensifying energy is taking a toll on bodies, primarily in the form of fatigue or weakness—you barely have time to adjust to the last energy surge before encountering another. Sporadic episodes of headaches, depression, memory difficulties, aching muscles and joints, ringing in the ears, unusual sleeping and waking hours, blurred vision, cramping, nausea and itchiness also are common symptoms.

To lessen the effects, get sufficient restful sleep, but do not take pharmaceuticals as sleep aids or to pep up or calm down, engage in age-appropriate exercise, and drink lots of water. Eat less than usual; avoid sugar, alcohol except small quantities of red wine, and foods with chemical additives; if your budget affords, choose organic produce, seafood without impurities, and “free-range” eggs, poultry and meat. There is no separation of body, mind and spirit; therefore, it is equally important to reduce mental and emotional stress. Change negative thoughts to positive; be in Nature as often as you can; set priorities so that your day is satisfyingly spent; reserve time for solitude, free of others’ energy; and meditation also is helpful in relieving tension.   

Dear ones, you are unique, thus your reaction to new energy levels is, too; but when you take care of yourselves properly, cells absorb more light and that makes the adjustment process less jolting. And, be mindful that the effects of energy surges are the same as signs of the onset or progress of an illness. If your symptoms worsen or become chronic, consult a healthcare practitioner, preferably one with a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment.

“Please ask Matthew to comment on owning and being absorbed with iPhones and the Internet at an early age.” This is a judgment call for parents to make, and we hope they know that the emissions from cellular phones and relay towers that are harmful to adult brains are much more so to youngsters, whose brains still are developing. The paradox is, children so easily master multi-usage phones and laptop computers that those objects can become appendages, and wise parents will prevent that. They can discuss with physicians the safe age for their child to have a phone, put restrictions on its use, limit computer time, and block access to unsuitable Internet sites. We feel it is important for young children to interact often with family and friends to experience the enjoyment of personal contact—talking, smiling, hugging, laughing, having mealtimes and outings together—and establish loving relationships that electronic devices never can offer, much less replace.   

Let us add this: When the public demands health-safety communication systems, manufacturers will provide them. In the meantime, spacecraft crews are using their technology to diminish the damaging effects of your own, but please know that fear energy produces more stress on bodies than do emissions that aren’t aligned with your electrical systems. 

To readers who asked about the “fireballs” that recently streaked across Germany, France and southwestern United States, and the deafening “explosion” in Alabama, Nirvana’s monitors of Earth tell us that astral bodies’ energy spectacularly and harmlessly interacted with spacecraft technology that continuously is combing your skies to neutralize to the extent possible the toxic pollutants in Earth’s atmosphere. If we are viewing the planet in the seconds that events such as those occur, we see sudden flashes of light; the monitors know what causes them.  

“What about the powerful computers generating artificial intelligence which can change us without our knowledge which has been developed by the secret government going on now?” First we say, everything in your world is there for your experiential learning. Every development, from the wheel to the latest technology, is filtered by off-planet scientists to on-planet minds that can absorb and process the information. Subsequent developments can be used for beneficial purposes or harmful, and individuals’ choices determine advancement or regression in soul evolvement.

Now then, to address the reader’s concern about the surreptitious application of artificial intelligence: It will not reach that insidious point—nothing based in darkness can long stand in the planet’s ever-rising vibratory levels. When your diverse technologies are used beneficially, they will greatly enhance life; and the role of AI is to further accuracy and proficiency in fields such as medical care, scientific research, transportation and manufacturing. Automation, which already has replaced many jobs, will continue to do so, but it will lead to expanded education and training programs for employment that is much more soul-satisfying than assembly lines, mining and cleaning service, for instance. Progress is considered disruptive by a society that clings to what is familiar; however, as the peoples see the vast advantages of forthcoming changes, they will greet with open arms the exciting new world on Earth’s horizon. 

“Matthew said ETs near Earth are benevolent and when they land, they will bring their technology and help us clean up the environment. Please ask him why other sources state that the ETs will pretend to be friendly and helpful before acting on their real intention to annihilate us or transfer their dark souls into our bodies.” Without knowing the sources, we can offer only possible reasons that blatantly false information has been given. If it originated off-planet, fear-mongering base entities that perhaps claimed to be well-known respected light beings transmitted it to individuals who can’t detect the low vibrations that dark entities emit. If the information originated on the planet, remote viewers may have interpreted, or misinterpreted, what they saw in one of Earth’s parallel or possible worlds; or dark individuals devised and disseminated those falsehoods to invoke fear.

The truth is, only beings of light can enter the protective electromagnetic grid around Earth—its brilliance is too powerful for dark extraterrestrials to approach your solar system. That said, dark beings with origins in other civilizations have lived on the planet at one time or another ever since it was first inhabited, and time is fast running out for those who live there now.

“Matthew’s description of the reptilian commanders sounds like the little greys that gave the US government advanced technology in exchange for conducting brutal experiments on people they abducted. My question is, are they the dark reptilians on Earth?” The beings you call little greys are a humanoid species of Zeta Reticuli, and it is a misconception that they made that arrangement with the United States government. They did share their knowledge of spacecraft design, missile systems and human cloning, but it was in the nature of visitors offering gifts to their hosts, to whom their reason for coming to Earth wasn’t an issue: They had made pre-birth agreements with the souls that offered to give them genetic samples. 

Long ages before that group of greys arrived about 80 years ago, their civilization took refuge from invaders by leaving the surface of their homeland planet and living within it. The cloning and concentration on intellectual prowess that kept the population from dying out during those centuries before they could reclaim the surface, resulted in an ashen appearance and, of far greater importance to them, the loss of emotions in their makeup. The desire to restore feelings to their people by cloning progeny with human DNA led to the agreement between them and the souls that embodied on Earth.

However, the greys’ lack of emotions had two serious consequences. Most did adhere to the agreement provision that they would take tissue samples only from persons who remembered it—meeting “in the flesh” triggered the memory. But a few persons did not have that memory experience, and without the capacity for empathy, sensitivity and compassion, the greys didn’t realize that they were traumatizing those individuals. And, with no emotional framework for assessing trustworthiness in the persons they approached, they chose poorly and were betrayed. At the same time the US government was ridiculing all reports of UFOs and ETs, their scientists were giving credibility to the accounts of abduction and brutalization by performing procedures themselves so as to instill fear in the populace about extraterrestrials.  

Another unanticipated situation also came into play for the greys, who were hidden in mammoth underground labyrinths where “abductees” were taken, and it was disastrous. They had expected to quickly return to their homeland and families by the same means they had come to Earth, the mind power that enabled them to dematerialize, then rematerialize upon arrival. But their bodies had become trapped in the planet’s deep third density energy, and since the government’s attempts to kill all of them failed, the survivors still are living underground. These highly intelligent people are not fighters, and if they come to Earth’s surface, maybe after other civilizations arrive, never would it be to harm anyone.  

Incrementally, truths are revealing the depths of deception and fear that the dark ones have employed to keep Earth’s civilizations in bondage for millennia. The more truths that come forth, the weaker the dark ones become, and ultimately the peoples will live in the joyousness that life there is meant to be. Light beings throughout this universe honor you for helping—leading!—them ever onward. 



Suzanne Ward

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We commit ourselves to ensure that Italy signs and ratifies the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons Treaty, adopted by the United Nations

ICAN, the international coalition of non-governmental organizations honoured with the Nobel Peace Price for 2017, communicates that 243 Italian MPs have signed theICAN Parliamentary Pledge. By doing so, they undertake to push the Italian government to sign and ratify the Prohibition on Nuclear Arms Treaty adopted by the United Nations on 7 July 2017 [“the Treaty”]. 

Article 1 of Treaty provides that “Each State Party undertakes never under any circumstances to:

(a) Develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices;

(c) Receive the transfer of or control over nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices directly or indirectly;”

Article 4 of the Treaty establishes: “Each State Party that has any nuclear weapons in its territory, possessed or controlled by another State, shall ensure the prompt removal of such weapons”.

The undertaking to push the Italian government to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons consequently entails, for those who signed the ICAN Parliamentary Pledge, the commitment to push for:

  •         The US B-61 nuclear bombs to be promptly removed from Italian territory and for no new US nuclear bombs nor any other nuclear arms to be stationed in Italy;
  • Italy’s exit from the group of countries within NATO that, “provide the Alliance with aircrafts fitted out to transport nuclear bombs over which the United States maintains absolute control, and personnel trained to this end”; 
  •             Italy’s exit from NATO’s Nuclear Planning Group, the legal basis for which is article 18 of the UN Treaty which permits State Parties to preserve obligations under pre-existing international agreements provided such  obligations are compatible with the Treaty.

We invite every single association and person committed to nuclear disarmament  to contact each of  the 243 MPs*,  and request them to explicitly confirm the commitments stated above (commitments that they have assumed by signing the ICAN  Parliamentary Pledge); and to give  all the support they can to  anyone that responds positively. This goal here is to enable Parliament to pass a resolution for Italy to sign and ratify the Treaty.

* This is the list published on ICAN’s website, of the Italian MPs that have signed the ICAN Parliamentary Pledge.  Their email addresses can be found in the list of MPs and Senators, on the websites of the House of Representatives and the Senate:

Donatella Agostinelli, Roberta Agostini, Giorgio Airaudo, Luisella Albanella, Ferdinando Alberti, Tea Albini, Maria Amato, Ileana Argentin, Tiziano Arlotti, Massimo Artini, Marco Baldassarre, Massimo Enrico Baroni, Giovanni Barozzino, Tatiana Basilio, Sergio Battelli, Lorenzo Becattini, Eleonora Bechis, Silvia Benedetti, Marina Berlinghieri, Paolo Bernini, Massimiliano Bernini, Nicola Bianchi, Stella Bianchi, Fabrizio Bocchino, Antonio Boccuzzi, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Alfonso Bonafede, Franco Bordo, Luisa Bossa, Chiara Braga, Paola Bragantini, Alessandro Bratti, Giuseppe Brescia, Beatrice Brignone, Marco Brugnerotto, Francesca Businarolo, Mirko Busto, Vanessa Camani, Azzurra Cancelleri, Salvatore Capone, Sabrina Capozzolo, Renzo Carella, Francesco Cariello, Paola Carinelli, Anna Maria Carloni, Elena Carnevali, Mara Carocci, Marco Carra, Ezio Casati, Vincenzo Caso, Laura Castelli, Andrea Cecconi, Susanna Cenni, Massimo Cervellini, Silvia Chimienti, Eleonora Cimbro, Tiziana Ciprini, Giuseppe Civati, Laura  Coccia, Matteo Colaninno, Andrea Colletti, Vega Colonnese, Claudio Cominardi, Miriam Cominelli, Emanuela Corda, Maria Coscia, Celeste Costantino, Roberto Cotti, Paolo Cova, Emanuele Cozzolino, Filippo Crimì, Davide Crippa, Diego Crivellari, Gianni Cuperlo, Angelo D’Agostino, Giuseppe D’Ambrosio, Federico D’Incà, Umberto D’Ottavio, Francesco D’Uva, Marco Da Villa, Fabiana Dadone, Federica Daga, Matteo Dall’Osso, Giuseppe De Cristofaro, Diego De Lorenzis, Loredana De Petris, Massimo Felice De Rosa, Daniele Del Grosso, Michele Dell’Orco, Ivan Della Valle, Alessandro Di Battista, Chiara Di Benedetto, Luigi Di Maio, Manlio Di Stefano, Federica Dieni, Donatella Duranti, Marilena Fabbri, Mattia Fantinati, Daniele Farina, Stefano Fassina, Marco Fedi, Francesco Ferrara, Vittorio Ferraresi, Andrea Ferro, Roberto Fico, Massimo Fiorio, Vincenzo Folino, Cinzia Fontana, Paolo Fontanelli, Filippo Fossati, Riccardo Fraccaro, Nicola Fratoianni, Luca Frusone, Maria Chiara Gadda, Chiara Gagnarli, Filippo Gallinella, Luigi Gallo, Laura  Garavini, Daniela Gasparini, Manuela Ghizzoni, Anna Giacobbe, Dario Ginefra, Silvia Giordano, Giancarlo Giordano, Andrea Giorgis, Maria Luisa Gnecchi, Marta Grande, Gero Grassi, Monica Gregori, Giulia Grillo, Giuseppe Guerini, Antonella Incerti, Florian Kronbichler, Giuseppe L’Abbate, Luigi Lacquaniti, Enzo Lattuca, Fabio Lavagno, Mirella Liuzzi, Roberta Lombardi, Marialucia Lorefice, Loredana Lupo, Patrizia Maestri, Andrea Maestri, Ernesto Magorno, Gianna Malisani, Matteo Mantero, Daniele Marantelli, Giulio Marcon, Raffaella Mariani, Umberto Marroni,,Giovanna Martelli, Maria Marzana, Toni Matarrelli, Davide Mattiello, Alessandro Mazzoli, Gianni Melilla, Marco Miccoli, Salvatore Micillo, Corradino Mineo, Emiliano Minnucci, Margherita Miotto, Antonio Misiani, Michele Mognato, Sara Moretto, Delia Murer, Martina Nardi, Giulia Narduolo, Dalila Nesci, Nicodemo Oliverio, Giovanni Paglia, Erasmo Palazzotto, Annalisa Pannarale, Paolo Parentela, Oreste Pastorelli, Luca Pastorino, Serena Pellegrino, Caterina Pes, Daniele Pesco, Alessia Petraglia, Cosimo Petraroli, Ileana Piazzoni, Giuditta Pini, Michele Piras, Girolamo Pisano, Antonio Placido, Fabio Porta, Ernesto Preziosi, Stefano Quaranta, Lia Quartapelle, Stefano Quintarelli, Michele Ragosta, Roberto Rampi, Ermete Realacci, Franco Ribaudo, Lara Ricciatti, Gianluca Rizzo,  Grazia Rocchi, , Giuseppe Romanini, Paolo Nicolò Romano, Paolo Rossi, Anna Rossomando, Michela Rostan, Carla Ruocco, Giovanna Sanna, Francesco Sanna Giulia Sarti, Mario  Sberna, Emanuele Scagliusi, Gea Schirò, Chiara Scuvera, Samuele Segoni Angelo Senaldi, Marina Sereni, Camilla Sgambato, Carlo Sibilia, Girgis Giorgio Sorial, Maria Edera Spadoni, Arianna Spessotto, Veronica Tentori, Patrizia Terzoni, Marietta Tidei, Angelo Tofalo, Danilo Toninelli, Davide Tripiedi, Mario  Tullo, Tancredi Turco, Gianluca Vacca, Simone Valente, Andrea Vallascas, Franco Vazio, Liliana Ventricelli, Valentina Vezzali, Stefano Vignaroli, Alessio Villarosa, Sandra Zampa, Alessandro Zan, Giorgio Zanin, Pippo Zappulla, Filiberto Zaratti, Diego Zardini, Davide Zoggia, Alberto Zolezzi


European Parliament

Brando Benifei MEP

Special FREE teleseminar with Lynne McTaggart and Joe Dispenza

Dear readers
Write it down in your calendars/diaries! My dear buddy Dr. Joe Dispenza and I are going to offer a free teleseminar next Wednesday at 9 am Pacific/12 noon Eastern/5 pm UK/6 pm European time. Joe and I share many things in common. Both of us have our new books out, both of us are fascinated by harnessing the quantum field and we’ve both learned amazing new things about our bodies’ capacities to heal. And. . . we’re both Italians (on my mother’s side), and we’re both from New Jersey!
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The rebound effect of the American Peace Intention Experiment
Just heard from one of my masterclass members, Joanne Brockway, whose amazing story of her European trip with her daughter Jessye features in my book The Power of Eight. Joanne wrote to share with me what happened right after she participated in my US Peace Intention Experiment. 
Joanne takes up the story:
‘Immediately after participating in your US Peace Experiment something amazing happened. My daughter and I were both looking at a year-long course ‘Integrative Nutritional Health Coach’ at an institute in New York.
‘We had both started saving and hoped to start the course some time in 2018 when we could afford to both take the course together. We’d been talking to the college but didn’t yet have the $12,000.00 US it would cost, which would add on a rather high exchange rate, because we are in Canada.
‘Just prior to the US Peace Experiment, my daughter received an email offering her reduced tuition, if she signed up with a friend/relative. An amazing bonus package, including reduced tuition, $2500 off the second tuition (me), a book-course package (from authoring to publishing) and some more great bonuses. It was a limited time offer, but the second student would have to pay the tuition balance in full to register.
‘We had been talking to the school, but it was still a lot of money to come up with in a hurry.
‘After participating in your US Peace Experiment, we received a call from the college, offering us the bonus package and an easy payment plan for both of us. Even with the exchange rate (approximately an extra $50.00 each per month) it became instantly do-able. Jessye and I start our year-long course next week.’
‘Lynne, again and again I’m grateful to you for opening my eyes and heart to the Power of Intention. I’ve seen so many wonderful results. . .since participating in your two Healing Experiments, participating in your 2015 Intention Masterclass, setting intentions with our Proteus Group and participating in the US Peace Experiment. I’m looking forward to continuing to join you in future Peace/Intention Experiments.’ 
Heal yourself as you heal others
Want to enhance your intentions for others and enjoy a rebound effect yourself? Find out how by checking out my new book The Power of Eight.

T!M FREKE — Philosopher, Writer, and Speaker Extraordinaire.


T!M FREKE — Philosopher, Writer, and Speaker Extraordinaire.
by John Smallman
Here’s a man who has a lot to offer us as we tread our spiritual paths, enjoy.


WOW! From The Mystery Experience by Tim Freke.

I saw Tim interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump in October 2017, and was very taken with his ideas. I bought a couple of his books (he has written more than 30), and today I am reading his The Mystery Experience, which he wrote and published in 2012.

I’ve only just begun and right at the beginning – the book is about the awakening experience into the mystery that is life as a human – and his book is talking about the spontaneous awakening experience. Because, at age 12, he had his first awakening experience, he became enthralled by the mystery that is life as a human and so he went on to become a philosopher, writer, and public speaker who gives retreats to assist people to have an awakening experience.

He says that when it happens for someone for the first time the instant response from nearly everyone is almost always WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the 3rd chapter that really moved me:

“Last year my father died of a stroke. For the previous eight months he could move only one arm and he would lie in his bed plaintively muttering ‘help me, help me.’ It broke my heart because I love him. Being deep awake didn’t stop me suffering and I didn’t want it to. I wanted to suffer with my dad. I wanted to be right with him in the awfulness of the situation.

For me, awakening isn’t about transcending suffering, as some spiritual traditions teach. Rather, awakening allows me to suffer willingly because of love. And then my heartbreak becomes poignant … meaningful… even beautiful. When I suffered with my dying dad there were precious moments of deep connection. The bitterness was also sweet. The deep pain plunged me down to the depths of life. It broke my heart and what poured out was a deeper love.

When I listen closely I hear the WOW of life expressing itself in many different tones of voice. There is the ecstatic WOW of joy and the subdued WOW of sadness. The intoxicating WOW of hope and the sobering WOW of disappointment. The warm WOW of intimacy and the piercing WOW of loss. The great song of life passes between the major and and the minor modes … and I am stirred by both.


Perhaps there have been moments in your life when you tasted the WOW in some of the ways I’ve been describing? Most of us, at some time or other, have found ourselves suddenly seeing through the superficialities of life and diving into the mysterious depths. This can happen when we embrace a newborn child … or listen to beautiful music … or enjoy a deep conversation. It can happen when we confront death … or feel defeated by failure … or wrestle with a mental breakdown. It can happen at any time. It can happen now.”

And his web site:

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Here’s an intention to remember during Thanksgiving week


Happy Monday! Here’s an intention to remember during Thanksgiving week.

Wake up Call: November 20, 2017


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Wake up Call: Horus, November 20, 2017
We are going to be in the governmental transition from the organization to the fundamental group of those who are going to be encouraged by the people to give of themselves in the position of acting for all of them around the world in the correspondence of the oneness that we are. It is the time for all of us to realize that we are all from the same Source, and that we chose to be in the given accuracy of the oneness that is within us. It is the oneness that has the word that corresponds with each and every one of us. It is not that as different countries, states and communities that we are separate. No, we are all of the same heritage and therefore we are all in family modem. As each family gives of itself to one another we also correspond with the other members and decide how it is best to give of ourselves and to live in harmony in the ways that bring us joy and love.
We are now in the beginnings of the return to that way of living in a way that we have not experienced, even before coming to this planet. We came here to reach that level of understanding of how we can be in the throes of differention, and then go from there to the softness of being in the oneness of who we are while at the same time we are in the individuality of how we feel the experience and express ourselves together for the ways of how to bring the excitement and thrill of new experience of expression to us all.
It has surely been an experience that has shown us how to intercede with each other and to bring the expression of individuality into the way we all choose to be in our world of love and understanding. We can go from here and find the expression of how to create our lives in a way that gives us all the individuality in our oneness.
Look at those who have tried to be the ones who are the leaders. They have found that it is a pathway of being in the top chair and taking the lead in everything. That is not the way to find the love and the feeling of pleasure with all of life. It is the way that produces the need to keep on being in front, and taking the lead in a way that brings them to the destruction of those who don’t agree with them. That way of being in the leadership is coming to a close for we are now in the ways of seeing that we must be in touch with one another in a way that is based in being in the oneness of living, while being able to have our own interpretation for how to do it in harmony with each other.
I have one more thing I wish to share with you at this moment and it is that there is a great deal of energetic movement around the world that is bringing out into the open how we are being led to the discovery of what has been taking place in the mastermind of separation. As this continues to come forth it will be obvious to so many people that they will stand in their power of love. They will give of themselves to each and every one of us their interpretation of how to gain their freedom back through the idea of Love to everyone and the power that has to bring it all back into the oneness that gives us all back our power.
I am Horus and I am sending this message to you through this one, my sister, and we are seeing the energy of Love lift so well that we are in joy in this moment and from here on into the freedom of the people with each other in the oneness that we are.
I leave this message now and stay with you in the power of Love that we all are, in the Oneness of our Source of Creation forevermore.
Thank you dear Horus!
Much Love,
Nancy Tate
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The FORCE is With You 🔮 – Lauren Gorgo


November (a universal 3 month→manifestation) is turning out to be quite a productive month with many magical moments and elements of unexpected surprise.  While not without its challenges, this month has been assisting us to bring to fruition some very long held desires in preparation for next year, the universal TWO year, in which we begin to include others and the world around us as veritable extensions of Self.

Where we complete the lessons/learnings of this universal ONE year of individuation, of reclaiming our sovereignty, we will then be supported to weave our independent GOD thread into the collective fabric of our unifying world. This is where our special uniqueness meets a need in society and those who are conscious of/practiced at the basic holographic laws of the YOUniverse will certainly have the edge here.

As we finalize the overarching intention of this year, each of us is shifting trajectories in our own perfect way…aligning with brand new soul directives that will enable us to break thru the physical layers of density, to replace many outdated structures with a brand new framework.

This process is as demanding as it is rewarding…as we deliberately and consciously smash down the walls that kept us trapped in physicality, we are simultaneously opening to newly imagined worlds within, bringing to light unactualized aspects that are permitting us to unhinge from causality like never before.


One of the main themes for this month, and why it has such an enchanting undercurrent beneath the turbulence, is the growing realization that the full shift into vibrational creation has taken place, has manifested on earth.

Tho resonance creation has always been the deeper truth, we (as a humanity) have blocked ourselves from those ancient laws for as long as we have been blocked from the full power of the Sacred Feminine…which is one and the same.  But now that the Cosmic Mother Principal is awakened on earth, the Divine Father Principal is risingemerging within us all…readying to rear a young and emancipated New Humanity.  He has returned to guide us (from within) to parent ourselves in physicality as we cultivate our creator power for the co-creation of the new world.

This deeper shift into the balance and blend of our creator power became readily apparent with Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio (on 10/10).  Yes, there have certainly been those moments of deep soul diving, excavating more ancient discoveries at the bottom of our emoceans…compliments of Sun also in Scorpio this month…but Jupiter’s transit has already been highlighting the proof (via the world and those around us) that we have officially made the transition from casual to conscious creation.

Instead of creating with (what many thought was) only our minds, we are now in a space where it is starkly obvious that our personal vibration…which is determined by the amount of LOVE we are capable to hold in our hearts…dictates everything.

As we move out of the (lower) masculine dominant, mentally-driven paradigm and into the (higher) Feminine first, soul-driven paradigm we are able to see so clearly that the fluid reality system that surrounds us, that we are both made of AND sculpt with, is responsive so(u)lely to our life force…that our thoughts are simply and obediently following the command of the Heart.

In other words, we can only think as high as we feel deep, and our personal creations are always accurately reflective of this truth.

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Joe Martino, Collective Evolution 11-17-17… “The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian)”


Joe Martino, Collective Evolution 11-17-17… “The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian)”

Be prepared to be “Blown Away”!!! I saw this early this morning, and as I went through the images, all I could say was, “Holy Reptile!” This is an astoundingly apocalyptic (unveiling) article by Joe Martino. What better place to have “Sacred” meetings with the Pope than inside a reptilian’s head!!

No doubt this is all part of the “predictive programming” the reptilians and other occult dark ones have set up, so we (unwittingly) give consent to being “controlled by reptilians” (Pardon, but it ain’t for me!).

“The building was designed with reinforced concrete by well-known architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Nervi is known for simple yet practical designs that are strong and made to last… Have a look at the image below and compare its shape to the image of a snake beside it. Note the overall shape — wide back, narrow, rounded front, eyes in the middle, nostril at the front, and curved top.

“…pay attention to the whole building and stage layout next to the image of a snake. The eyes, the shape, the scales, the fangs, the look and feel of the reptile… it’s all there.

“In the middle of the stage sits a statue of Christ rising from an atomic apocalypse. It was designed by Pericle Fazzini and put in place by 1977… when you view the statue from the sides, where patrons would sit, it becomes strikingly clear from both sides that the head of Jesus is meant to look like that of a snake.

“There are seven separate pieces that comprise the snake or reptile symbol. If it were one or two I would understand your skepticism — even three. But when seven pieces come together so beautifully, so perfectly, you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was intentional.

“When you begin to consider what the Pope’s Audience Hall is truly saying, it becomes clear he is speaking from the mouth of the snake. He stands in front of the mouth and speaks the words of the Elite to all those listening. The Elite are telling humanity via symbolism that this is what’s happening.”


The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian)

When I first realized the true magnitude of what the Pope’s Audience Hall design reveals, I was shocked. Despite 10 years of research into the elite, occult, Illuminati, consciousness, and more, this stuck out as something I just HAD to write about.

Have you heard of the Pope’s Audience Hall? Also known as the Paul VI Audience Hall or the Hall of the Pontifical Audiences, it lies partially in Vatican City and partially in Rome, Italy. Named after Pope Paul VI and built in 1971 by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, it seats 6,300 and contains a bronze statue called La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini, within.

This all sounds pretty straightforward so far, but let’s dive into what makes this building so strange. We’ll start with the less weird, and get progressively weirder as we go.

Building Method and Design

The building was designed with reinforced concrete by well-known architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Nervi is known for simple yet practical designs that are strong and made to last.

The simple curvature of the building might seem unassuming from the outside, but this is part one of what we will begin to explore about this building, and I promise you, by the time we get to the end, you will see what I’m getting at.

Have a look at the image below and compare its shape to the image of a snake beside it. Note the overall shape — wide back, narrow, rounded front, eyes in the middle, nostril at the front, and curved top.


As you can already begin to see in the image above, there are two windows on either side of the building that resemble eyes. They are made of stained glass and sit about halfway through the building’s length on either side.

In the centre of the eye shape, you begin to see a slit that could resemble a reptile eye. If you’re not convinced yet, which is understandable, keep reading.

Maybe looking at one window on its own isn’t the most clear, so let’s have a look at both of them together now.

All of a sudden we begin to see things taking shape here — two reptilian eyes, staring at you as you observe the stage.