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If you come back into worry, the concern of the world, the “what if”, do not heap guilt upon yourself for that and make it worse. Allow yourself to say, “Oh, I’m having an experience,” and abide with that experience as long as you want to. When you get tired of it, stop for a breath. Take the deep breath and come once again to that place of perfect peace.

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Stretching Your Consciousness ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have immense capacities to stretch your consciousness out, to go beyond where you have been before. The desire to do this, however, is not present in the vast majority of you. Therefore, we are reaching out to you, the awakened ones, in the hopes that you will exercise your right and your free will to stretch your consciousness further.

Now you might wonder what we mean by stretching your consciousness. First of all, recognize that your consciousness is not limited to your physical body. Your consciousness exists eternally, whereas a physical body will not always contain the higher level of consciousness that you hold.

Just imagine for a moment where you would take your consciousness if you did not feel that it was tethered to your physical body. Where would you like to go right now? With whom would you like to interact? Do you believe that you can get there without your physical body while still being in the fourth dimension?

We suggest that you start small. Start by stretching your consciousness out just beyond your physical body. See what you can sense in your energy field. Take control of your energy field with your consciousness. Let go of any thought forms that are floating around in there, keeping you in a repetitive cycle. Now, move your consciousness out even further, beyond your energy field.

Feel for the higher frequency energies that are available to you. Reach for them with your intention. Vibrate in harmony with them, and now bring them back into your energy field and back into your physical body. And breathe. You have just given yourselves an upgrade, and you have demonstrated to yourselves that you can indeed stretch your consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Creator via Jennifer Farley


The Incredible Journey

Take a moment and ponder this; you are all family, connected by your love of each other as Forever Beings.  You are kindred spirits sharing an incredible journey you asked to experience.

Today, you are invited to embrace this and move through your existence knowing that each human you come in contact is a true brother or sister.  Showing and becoming Unconditional Love is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. ~ Creator

The Group thru Steve Rother – A Balancing View


~ A Balancing View ~

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Greetings from Home. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

I have joined you this day to tell you about some interesting things taking place on your planet over the next several months. There will be opportunities appearing and many will see openings where they once found resistance. There is a shifting taking place and these new alignments are opening as humans evolve. Dear ones, you have had to experience massive changes to arrive here. There was no easy way to do that, but you have made it and are ready to move to the next level. You will find that it is up to you to choose whether or not to step through these new openings. These opportunities are entirely yours and you can move through them with your own energy. Let us share with you more about the energy is changing planet Earth itself.

Pushed in the Timeline

Some time ago you were pushed into the timeline. Now earth is edging toward the other side of that push. What happened was that two neutron stars collided some time ago, sending a wave of energy that was predicted by Einstein many years before. That wave hit planet Earth in a massive wash, which started to shift your timeline because gravity and time have a relationship. It felt like the rug was being pulled out from under everyone, which created a panic wave. In turn that feeling caused many to overreact and move in ways that they normally would not, which caused somewhat of a separation that is still in progress today. The entire process was like a boat moving through water sending out incredible ripples, which are rippling through your world even today. But we tell you, something exciting has recently happened when an asteroid stretching some three miles across and all of your telescopes were fixed on it as it passed Earth. Such a large mass has not come this close to the Earth in recent times. Due to its proximity to Earth, it brought another small gravitational wave that is counteracting the original massive one that started back in late 2015. Humans and Earth have a much higher sensitivity to gravitational changes than is presently known. The tide will turn again with opportunities for hearts to come together as one. Humans will begin looking toward unity consciousness and see the ways they are alike, instead of the ways they are different.

That will start to open many doors and hearts on your planet, but it is still up to you to take hold of this. Re-member, dear ones, when people get set in their ways they tend to hold on tightly by justifying their decisions and actions. We ask all of you to look deep within yourselves. How can you open your hearts and see the many sides of a coin? In the true fifth dimension, how will you use many of your senses that you have not used before?

All Eyes in the Universe Are Upon Earth

Back in 2012 Earth stepped fully into the fifth dimension, but that did not necessarily mean that you have lost your third dimensional ways. There are many who are still trying to use the third dimensional attributes inside the fifth dimension, which is causing much of the wave of separation to stay much longer than it needed to. It was not simply an asteroid traveling by or just a gravitational wave that hit planet Earth. There were many things taking place simultaneously, all working together within an area to help humanity move to that next level. Now it is well underway, so we ask you to celebrate this and add your energy to the change. Celebrate the opportunity to move back into unity consciousness in a way that you have not been able to do for some time. By adding your energy, it will have the effect of a doorstop holding a door of opportunity open. It is time to awaken and play your part. For the first time in quite some time, you will start to feel the wind at your back. Look for it, use it, and step forward into your truth. When you do so in a way that makes space for others to speak their truth as well, you will start a whole new fifth dimensional ripple of empowerment.

Dear ones, all eyes of the universe are upon planet Earth, for something amazing has happened. You have not been the most technologically advanced planet throughout the universe. In truth, many other beings have been far beyond your technical capabilities. However, you are the only planet of free choice, the only on without a predetermined direction or outcome. You literally had to move through these experiences by making choices within yourself, and the fascinating thing is you have moved more than any other game throughout the universe. We tell you, dear ones, no game throughout the universe has ever shifted a collective dimensional reality the same way that humanity has.

Being able to move from the third dimension through the fourth f to acquire all these new imprints, while landing firmly in the fifth is amazing and quite unexpected. You are still figuring out how all these different attribute work. Even physics has performed differently in the fifth dimension than in the third or fourth. Although you do not spend much time in the fourth dimension, you have gained many of the imprints that were necessary for you to shift. This collective dimensional shift has never happened anywhere before; all eyes of the universe are upon planet Earth and humanity is evolving right now. Our greatest dream for each and every one of you is to start moving further into light body, recognizing your spirit first and your humanness second. To do that, it will require going deep within your heart and evaluating yourself and everything around you in a slightly different light. You will view it from a different perspective, having an opportunity to see things as they truly are from Home rather than the tainted vision that you have had in the third dimension.

Dear ones, even your own physical bodies are changing. You will be gaining new attributes and senses. We have told you all along you actually have closer to eight senses than five. Other than the chakras, you typically have no idea of how you move energy into and within your physical body. You will start to learn how to discern it and use it, for you will learn how to carry more light within you. Even your own vision is changing. Visible light is only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and you will begin to be able to see in wider ranges. Many humans are also starting to hear inter-dimensionally, and some are quite worried about the sounds you are hearing. You may be starting to feel a magnetism from your other dimensional realities. This is not the collective dimensionality of the third fourth and fifth dimension, but the multidimensionality of humans having eleven different experiences at one time.  These dimensions are separated by magnetic walls of energy, and what is happening now is that you are starting to be able to feel through those walls. The magnetism of the heart is moving through the walls at incredible speeds as they start to disintegrate, who brings about many opportunities.

Losing Separation

Understand dear ones, you are living on the planet of imperfection so you have had to hide your perfection between all eleven dimensions. That separation gave you the opportunity to pretend to be a human, to pretend to be separate from each other. As people feel these walls dissolving and the connection to others gets stronger, it is causing much fear because they feel they are losing their identity and uniqueness. This is causing many to act out rather boisterously as they try to hold onto their truths in the same way they did within the third dimension.

Be patient, dear ones. Know that there is no right or wrong, for this evolution will carry forward into light body as many who wish to go. It is not about a judgment; it is not about leaving behind those that are too slow or not good enough to go into the next level. All will have the opportunity, although there will be some that stay behind and simply choose not to move. Do not judge them and know that they are part of you as well, by helping to provide the ladder that is needed for you to open into that next dimensional reality. Dear ones, you have made it into the fifth dimension. Now we ask you to start fully letting go of the third dimensional pieces that sometimes hold all humans back.

Creating an Empowered Society

Belief systems will begin to fade in favor of individual beliefs.  Instead of judgment in seeing things as right or wrong, up or down, good or bad, and love or fear, start using discernment. Simply take what is for you at this moment without judging that something else as being bad. Look for the good in everything. Reflect the light in each other because that is how you empower yourselves, dear ones. As you empower the people around you, suddenly you are in an empowered society. It is as if you are working back in the days of Mu when you all had these open hearts and connections to each other. There are so many of you right now on the planet who are carrying this tremendous opportunity for empathy. The empaths are here in great numbers. Many of you have been in hiding and understandably so, because it is very difficult to be of such a high vibration on such a low vibrational planet. That it is truly that high vibration that pulls everything up into it and you have made more of a difference than you will know until you return Home. We are so incredibly proud of you. Look forward to what is coming, dear ones, for there is no sadness in what is happening. We will say it again, just wait until you see what is coming.

You have earned your way into a higher vibration by taking steps that have never been taken before anywhere. There are more games like yours happening throughout the universe, than you have numbers to count in your systems. When you consider that, perhaps you can understand why you are so incredibly honored. You are stepping forward. Yes, it is difficult and painful at times. Sometimes it means you must live on a harsh planet in order to awaken everyone to move toward it, although you will never all believe the same things. There are a million ways Home, dear ones, so do not think that only one belief or a single belief system will get you there. Only those who are looking toward a unity consciousness will be able to make the biggest difference in what you are experiencing. We ask you to love each other unconditionally. Know that no matter which side you think you are on, in truth you are all in this together. Step forward into the new light and take your place in the Family of E on planet Earth, because this is now about empowerment. Find the ways to empower those around you in any way possible. Dare to step up, to step out of hiding, because now is also a time for your voice to be heard. It is not about who can shout the loudest, but those who stay the most in harmony with those around you. You have traveled a long way, dear ones, and some of you have spirits that are somewhat tired.  You have worked so hard and invested so much in this grand experiment of the planet of free choice. Know that you are no longer the only planet of free choice, for there are others that have started to replicate the miracles that are taking place here right now. You have already won the game and that is beautiful.

Enjoy this journey whenever you can, find the light within and reflect it back out. Pull that light through to help you understand and trust that you are truly spirit first. You have earned your place to be here and we are incredibly proud of you dear ones. Take this beautiful wave of magnetic energy and let it stir your heart to the highest of highs. Know that above all, you are loved. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you in this way and ask you simply to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play this game well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart.


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Amor Takes a Job

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I have come this day to bring you the next story of Amor. It was a beautiful connection and although it was clearly in the third dimensional reality, he was working with first dimensional attributes of unity consciousness. This day we take you into that unity and help you see Amor as he stretches out into his next stage of life in Lemuria. Today we find Amor looking for his purpose. He has done many exercises and met a lot of people to get ideas.  Amor went to his father who held a high position in what you would call the government of Mu.  Lemurian government was quite different from what you experience today. Government officials were not meant to be world leaders, they were simply meant to be servants and they had specific jobs and customs that they would follow. There is no judgment in the government at all. Being in the government allowed Amor’s father to be extremely familiar with the customs, and he told Amor a little bit about what it would be like to move into this process.

Passion Is the Key

And his father said, “Amor, one of the most important things about being in service of any kind is to also blend it with your own passion. Son, if you can find something that you love to do, you will never work a day in your life. You will have fun at what you do and that is incredibly important. But Amor, on top of that, I wish to help you understand an important custom that has developed over many generations here in Mu. That is the custom of only being in a job for three years. What we ask you to do is the same thing that we do here in the government of Mu. And that is simply that we work to do the best job we can as long as we are having fun. Roughly every three years we will change jobs. Now you may be in a job that you absolutely love and that still feeds you after three years. But if you leave that job for a year and come back into it after that point, you come back with a different perspective. So that is one of the most important customs that I wish to remind you about as you are making this choice of this next incarnation of your life. This next stage of being a Lemurian. Understand that nothing is forever. If you look at it as a three-year journey, you can approach it with the highest potential.”

As Amor looked around he saw what some of his friends and teachers were doing. That is when Amor decided he wanted to be a healer. But of course, you did not have colleges in those days because you did not need them. People taught through experience, so that is what Amor did. He took his first job without pay as an apprenticeship in what you would call a healing facility. In those days, dear ones, you had rejuvenation temples. You worked with crystals in a different way. It is fascinating because you could go into these crystal rejuvenation temples roughly every three years, spending a day or up to three days in the process. These were beautiful places that were lined with crystals with refracted light sparkling from everywhere. It was amazing just to watch and be in that energy. And when you spoke, your words vibrated through these crystals and were reflected back to you in a different way. You would learn during this time of rejuvenation, as you could really see yourself.  One had to be careful what was spoken because it would become ingrained within you. Amor liked that it was such a place of change and growth. He wanted to work as a facilitator, to help people get ready for going into these rejuvenation temples and to help them understand the type of work that they were going to be doing. He would give them guidelines of how they could get the most out of their experience.

Fear Is the Base of the Aging Process

Amor got to meet many people as he stepped into this work. At first he found the change difficult, as he was accustomed to being free all the time looking just to have fun and being with his friends.  He enjoyed having a purpose and loved that first job. Amor learned much from the people that were working there. They taught him how to teach and empower people without taking their power from them. Amor learned how to set people at ease, how to help people expect and get the most out of their experience as they were moving into these rejuvenation temples. The facilities were also associated with many different forms of healing, because bodies were very dense at that point similar to what they are now. There were physical illnesses from time to time, but they also had different ways of dealing with them from a vibrational perspective. Amor started learning and understanding much about this work, and he found he had an innate ability to reflect people’s energy in such a way that he could help them see themselves.  One day Amor asked one of his teachers, “What is healing? What exactly do we do when we heal another person?” His tutor laughed hysterically. “No, Amor. No one heals anyone. That is not possible. The only healing must always come from within, so what you do is you reflect the person. You help them to see each other in different ways so that they can learn to heal themselves. That is truly what a healer is, someone who creates the space for others to heal themselves.  Although aging is not considered to be an illness, the average lifespan was about 300 years in Lemuria. There were times when people go into these rejuvenation temples without proper instruction or focus of their mind, then they let fear enter. Then they age whenever fear enters, because that is truly what is at the base of the aging process in a human form.

In the temples, whatever is spoken or held in thought is picked up by the radiating crystals and reflected back into their bodies in a different vibrational harmonic.  That allows one to clear anything that is not in accord with the real you, because two vibrations cannot exist at the same space. Amor quickly fell in love with his work. He felt he was truly in his passion and often thought of the words of his father. His tutors were happy to have such a passionate student and they gave him a wide berth allowing him to make many decisions. One of his tutors told him that they would be watching him, “We will be over your shoulder and we will be assisting you for at least the first year of your travels here. After a year of working with this, we will turn you loose. Furthermore, we will ask you to even be creative and come up with some ideas yourself on how you might improve on what we have taught you. That is the greatest thing a teacher can do. Not only teach you what we know, but we encourage you to go beyond that and bring a part of yourself into your work.”

Amor was very excited and he would show up every morning early for work. After he finished working with everyone each day, he would clean out the rejuvenation temples even though it was not part of his job. He just wanted to be there to be part of the miracle and, of course, to learn as much as he could. It was not so much about technology dear ones, because the crystal energy and the crystals lining the rejuvenation temples did all the work. It is a very natural process with the crystals having the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom. They were able to reflect the highest vibration of the animal kingdom to help set every cell in your body back into its signature vibration. This process was called entrainment and Amor had to learn to control his thoughts because these temples were a true fifth dimensional space. Whatever was balanced between your head and your heart within this space manifested into your reality very quickly, so Amor learned to master his thoughts.

Soon, Amor returned home for a visit and he could not wait to share what he had learned with his father. He said, “Father I am so happy with this that I could be in it forever.” His father said, “Re-member Amor, three years is the custom for you have much to experience. My dear son, you have many things that you will gather along your way. Do not think any of them as being good or bad. Do not judge your path. Simply step forward and allow things to take place and your spirit will lead you on the highest potential of experience as a Lemurian.”

Amor replied, “Father, it is my joy to guide people whenever I can. Perhaps one day I will become a Lemurian guide, although I know I will have to work into that at some point. It means going through many different levels of the customs, studying and teaching in different ways to move into it, but that is one of my dreams.” His father said, “Three years, Amor. Follow it for three years. Take a break and then decide where you wish to go from there. Do not lock yourself into a long-term goal because you have much to experience in your 300 years in this body. So many things can take place. So many different aspects of yourself can come to fruition here. These are exciting times for you and be sure to enjoy every moment of it, including what you would call the mistakes.”

Now Amor became a bit confused by that. He simply thanked his father and went about his way. After wrestling with it for a couple of days he brought it to one of his tutors who was teaching him about working at the rejuvenation temples. Amor said, “What if I make a mistake? What if I tell somebody the wrong thing? What if I take somebody’s power from them in some way instead of helping them to empower themselves?” And the tutor lovingly laughed again and said, “Well, Amor, that is why we are here to watch over your work and make sure that these people are in harmony as they step into this experience so that they do not de-harmonize themselves. And furthermore, what you are considering to be potential mistakes may not always be mistakes. What happens is when you step into this work and you are of service, you start receiving your channels as you start opening to spirit, to yourself. It takes time and practice, but it also takes trust to be able to bring that energy through you and offer it to another person in the form of a word or phrase. Do not forget Amor, keep your heart open. Practice your metamorphic shell and open it up at every opportunity, because when you meet these people sometimes they are afraid. Sometimes they are looking forward to going into the rejuvenation temples but other times they do not know what to expect. You are the one who can keep the heart open and that is enough, dear Amor. If you make a mistake claiming that you are human, that is because you are. You are not here to make everybody’s experience perfect. You are here to help them to as much as you can, by creating the safe space for someone to experience the rejuvenation Temple and heal themselves if they so choose. If they walk out three days later without ever raising their vibration it is not your responsibility, but theirs so keep that in mind. They are the only ones who can heal themselves and some will choose not to. Many may simply to walk in there because it is a custom. Perhaps some will choose not to let go of some of the things that bring them illness. It is not right or wrong. It is not for you to judge, but to simply live up to the highest potential that you can.”

Amor grew more excited every day as he worked there and could not imagine possibly leaving there in three years. Even just a couple of months into this work, he was starting to blossom into a beautiful healer and teacher himself. Amor was someone who people could reflect their own energy in his eyes. It was amazing to watch the experience of Amor and the beautiful energies that he had an opportunity to work with. Amor started to grow in those times. He shared that energy with his father who started to work with different energies himself. Amor saw his father reach a third year in his position. Although he was well respected, his father did exactly what he said and left that position for a year. Amor’s father took training at something he had never done before. Although they missed him, he worked with missed him greatly he took his full year off. During that time, he learned a totally different attribute of service, a new way of doing things. A year later he did go back into that same position, for it was held open for him. People stepped back to make that space and he was greatly welcomed back. He had a fresh attitude and a whole different perspective; he took a life seriously. That day, everything was good in Lemuria.

Dear ones, you are getting close to those times of Amor. You are returning to those beautiful days of Lemuria right now. Your hearts are starting to open, you are starting to feel each other in different ways and we love it. Amor would be very proud of all of you.

Espavo, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.


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Harmony vs Force

Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I join you this day with great pride. We watch what is taking place on Earth with an unbelievable eye toward the beauty that you have created here. You are moving at the speed of love, which is substantially faster than the speed of light. There are possibilities in your future to start shifting and coming back together as humans. You have seen the incredible rise of feminine power on your planet and the shift toward trusting the feminine voice. This has opened the opportunity for everyone to see things from a different perspective, to make choices consciously instead of by belief systems or past ways of thinking.

One thing we would like to bring to your attention here is that as the feminine continues to rise on planet Earth, which it will, there is a harmony instead of a force. That means you use power in a totally different way, rather than as a forceful power. As you acclimate to the attributes of the fifth dimension, you will find that true power comes from harmonizing. One of the challenges is that if the feminine rises so quickly, there may be a backlash. Although that can be avoided, it is heading in that direction now. You can all take responsibility for that wherever you are in your existence, and whether you are carrying a masculine body or a feminine one. The feminine is rising in everyone. For those who already carry a lot of feminine energy, make space for that masculine to blend and balance, which can have a profound impact for every one of you. That is the type of thing that can help avoid the backlash, that wild swing of the pendulum of human advancement. Instead of going all the way to the edge, you will be able to make a gentler, easier move and ultimately much smoother move.

The Beauty of Imperfection

That is how things were done in Lemuria, so we ask you all to make space for that to happen. Those of you who have carried much masculine energy, whether you are female or male right now, make space for the rising feminine as that is profound and will help to open many of these doors. It will help you to raise your expectations, dreams, and visions, and begin understanding that what you perceive is only a very small amount of reality.  You will soon see that your imperfections are actually at the base of your beauty. Keep that in mind dear ones, and look for beauty everywhere. When you find beauty, you will very rarely find what you called perfection, because it is actually the imperfections on planet Earth that create beauty in the first place.

So, how does one start to change and see their own beauty? First, find beauty in every aspect of what you see around you. Every time you look at something, perceive its beauty no matter what that may be. Whether it is light coming through a window, flowers blooming or trees changing color, or even simply another human being smiling at you. Whatever the beauty may be, own it and allow it to fill you in that moment. You can ground that light or energy by simply being open to it and knowing that your power is not a force but rather a harmony.

Electro Magnetism of the Head and Heart

That is the new way in the fifth dimension, to be able to communicate in different ways not only from the head but also from the heart. Understand that the head is electrical in nature and the heart is magnetic although both part of the same wave. It is magnetic if you measure in one direction, but electrical if measured in an orthogonal direction. As the feminine is rising on planet Earth you are raising the use of the heart energy, blending it with your thoughts in a whole new way.  These things are taking place as they are aligning right now. Toward the end of next year, you will see some major changes and opportunities for each of you to step into power in a new way.  Much of this has to do with the rising feminine energy coming into a balance of true power. Yes, you will see many women moving into positions of power in government. You are going to see many of the feminine energy even in masculine form finding a whole new expression.

Keep up the great work. Know that you are never alone, and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard to be. Enjoy this journey dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you like this, for you can finally hear me now. We tell you three simple reminders: treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Feel through the Feelings 
There is a reason why your are having your feelings. Anytime you are having a feeling, especially a negative one, there is something important there for you to understand on a deeper level. When this happens, stop and ask what this feeling is trying to show you. If it is a negative feeling, look at what you really want and then focus your energy on that instead of what doesn’t feel good. 
Your feelings help you sense the world. Not every feeling is a negative one, especially if they are deep, and even unknown. While it is important to you in some way, the best thing you can do is ask questions and then listen back for the responses from spirit and then act from there. 
Thought for today: Become aware of the subtle energies and what they have to teach you. Your feelings are a way to sense the world, embrace them, don’t resist them for they have much to teach you about the way the world works and your role within it. 

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels
Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji
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A Message from Your Guides January 18, 2018


A Message from Your Guides     January 18, 2018

Beloved Ones,

It is with great joy that we greet you this day. You are on the cusp of momentous changes. If you consider many of the changes that have come to pass in recent months and the past few years, you will likely come to the realization that although many unsavory things are being exposed, those very things are collectively a great catalyst for your collective transformation. There will be no stopping the revelations until there are no more secrets. There will be more and more cause for celebration as those who are accountable will begin to understand that their best course is to allow themselves to be held accountable for all of their choices and actions that have caused suffering and pain to others. This mass disclosure will usher in a new era – new ways of doing business, a new paradigm of professional and political accountability where you will gain more and more trust in your elected officials as they become more transparent and more willing to disclose anything that is requested – not because they are not their own authority, but because they have nothing to hide. While they will still be strong advocates for the public good and individual privacy, they will be perfectly willing to disclose whatever is asked of them because they have great understanding of the importance of transparency and accountability to the public as public servants or representatives of companies and products that the public put their trust in. 

These changes will not only affect business and politics but science, medicine, education, agriculture, and so much more. As such, you can look forward to conducting your daily lives, transactions, business, and all modes of commerce with more confidence of products and services than you have ever experienced before. There will be no need to second guess anyone or read the fine print as there will be no fine print. Any risks associated with any purchase will be fully disclosed before you sign or make any payment. We know many of you are very skeptical of what we are saying here and that does not surprise us. What does surprise us is that you have not demanded this much sooner. In truth, you are so much more powerful than you think you are. When you join forces with others, you can increase your power exponentially. There are many examples of this throughout history, yet most of you feel that you are not as powerful as those who made history. Wether it is refusing to go to the back of the bus like Rosa Parks, refusing to let corporate interests continue to disregard the health and well-being of their customers like Erin Brokovich, refusing to sit out a political race because of sexual identity like Harvey Milk, or thousands of other stories that illustrate the power of an individual to create change, each and every one of you can and will be the change you wish to see in the world if you so choose. If you are waiting for someone else to make those choices, you may be waiting a very long time for the level of transparency and full disclosure we have shared with you. The more of you that are willing to hold corporate and political entities accountable, the more quickly you will get to the state of full disclosure we have described. 

Holding others accountable does not take a great deal of resources and it does not have to take a great deal of time. The only things required to make these kinds of changes is a strong desire to make the change, the conviction to follow through until the change has occurred, and the ability to rally others to the same cause. You are not the only one who desires greater transparency or accountability. That is a nearly universal desire, save for those who are so apathetic that they feel they can do nothing to alter the lack of accountability and transparency. Each of you is as powerful as you  believe you are so we ask you to consider: what do you lack that Rosa Parks, Erin Brockovich, and Harvey Milk did not lack? We would say, in most cases, nothing. 

Many of you have much more resources and wherewithal than many very successful change agents. Are you happy sitting on the sidelines and letting others dictate public and corporate policies that do not serve you or your fellow brothers and sisters? If not, and we would question the validity of any claims that you are happy in that respect, what can you do to champion or support a cause to create positive change? Beloveds, if you feel challenged by our words in a way that stimulates you toward action, wonderful! If you feel challenged in a way that is not comfortable, we simply ask you to consider our words and consider what cause(s) you would feel moved to support if a dear friend or relative was championing that cause. What would you be willing to do to support them? What would you be willing to do if you could do it anonymously? What would you want to do if you could or would get most or all of the credit? 

Each of you is unique and your drives, motivations, desires, and tolerance for injustice varies. That is why we are presenting in this way. You are beloved to us and we know you are more powerful than you know you are. We are in service to you and part of that service is to help you realize not only your dreams, but your potential. The more of you that work together in any way that uplifts all, the more others will be inspired to work in similar ways to accomplish much that needs to come to fruition for all of you to stand in your power and usher in the changes that are imminent. Would you rather see these changes in your lifetime or are you willing to let your grandchildren be the first generation to enjoy what we have described? It is all up to you, Dearest Ones. 

Know we are always with you in every moment with every breath. We are loving you powerfully. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides


Posted by: SALENA MIGEOT <>

Message from the ‘Team’

_________Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Consciousness is Unlimited
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here offering our support as you continue to interface with the many realities that are being presented. Many of these realities are polarizing and dividing the collective. We invite you to take a fresh inventory of your beliefs. We invite you to strive for the highest and the best for all.

Remember that you are a powerful part of this collective and you are here to bring a shift to your planet, a planet that has struggled with the denseness of misqualified energies for eons of time. These struggles are out-pictured in even your most current events.

It is important to watch what you give your focus and energy to. You are a stunning magnificent being with skills and abilities you have barely touched. So shake off any feeling of limitations, shake off any hesitations and move forward and make a difference.

There is a collective energy field and everyone, everyone is a part of the field. We realize that you feel separate and have your own personal life and activities that might seem unrelated to the bigger picture. However we remind you, that is an illusion.

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs join this energy field and create fields of information that go into the collective or global mind. So ask yourself often what are you contributing to this collective consciousness?

Are you adding new concepts and entertaining new possibilities. Remember consciousness is unlimited. Consciousness travels time. Consciousness moves through the dimensions. Consciousness has energetic effects on all things.

Consciousness transfers information to others. Imagine that your thoughts go out as a holographic blueprint. Your thoughts feel personal, they reflect your state of mind and emotions, yet they are still waves of information. Imagine for a moment that these emotions and thoughts quite literally shape reality.

So as you begin another cycle, we invite and encourage you to elevate your thoughts. Perhaps you can make it a practice throughout your day to stop and examine what you are thinking about and evaluate those thoughts. Ask yourself, is this thought or emotional vibration enhancing and empowering the global mind or is it diminishing it in some way.

You are a master. You have gifts and abilities available to you that you have not even imagined. So allow yourself to begin to own your power and begin to play with the possibilities that your very DNA is capable to communicating beyond space and time.  Realize that you are truly an important part of all that is unfolding.

Often during the day allow yourself to pause and shift your focus and pretend that you can extend your consciousness to someone you care about and send them a blessings. Now here is a real stretch, extend your consciousness to someone you dislike and send them a blessing.

There are simple actions you can take each day that can and will shift the collective field.  Allow yourself to travel time, be adventurous, make it up, pretend. It is just a game remember. Allow yourself to gather with others of like mind in an imaginary place, create a goal for this gathering and imagine wonderful solutions coming forth, then add those to the global databank.

Your physical life is your focus, we understand, yet we want to trigger, to quicken you to realize it is only one percent of who you are. Begin to investigate what the other ninety-nine percent might be capable of doing. This is your invitation, this is your quest, this is your own exciting adventure. Find the magic, find the incredible possibilities within the most mundane moments.

Allow yourself to pretend to travel to other dimensions and find solutions for problems here on your planet. Bring those solutions and seed this dimension.  Allow yourself to meet masters and avatars from the past or the future, and seek their wisdom.  Allow yourself to be nurtured and supported by the realms of love and light, and see yourself surrounded by these loving beings.

Play big from your most powerful magnificent imagined place. You have the universe at your back. Transform all seeming challenges. Most of all we invite you to make it an adventure.

Remember that you contribute to, and are a part of, the quantum consciousness field of this planet. You are here to uplift and shift the dense misqualified energy that has been part of this story for too long. We honor you and all that you do. the ‘team’

©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

Creator via Jennifer Farley


In The Face Of Chaos

During the next few weeks and months, you may notice that you are creating chaos to distract from the task at hand and, oh, what a human thing that is to do! (Smiling) The Universe is asking a great many things of you at this time and it may feel challenging to face them head on.  You may be tempted to beat up on yourself.  Instead of indulging in that practice, use it as a chance to become consciously aware of what (and why) you are doing it.  All that is being asked of you at this time is to take each moment as it comes.  In your processing, take as much or as little time as you need.  Remember, you are worthy and deserving of this self-care.  Use it to your best advantage! ~ Creator

The Urgency to Get to 5D ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have the feeling within you of urgency when it comes to getting to the fifth dimensional experiences that you want to have. Part of the reason why you feel this urgency is because you have been promised that life in the fifth dimension will be easier and more fun. Now, the part of this process that seems like a paradox is that getting to the fifth dimension requires you to love where you are right now.

Even though you know where you are going is better, you must find a way to embrace everything that is within your reality and that is within you. You are even being asked to embrace things that happened years and years ago and lifetimes and lifetimes in your past. It is also important for you to recognize that there’s nothing wrong with the dimension you are in.

It’s all about experience, after all. That’s why you incarnate. That’s why you leave the Source Energy dimension. So embrace experience for the sake of experience and know that every experience that you create for yourselves will bring you closer to the fifth dimension.

When you look at yourselves and you think that you have a lot evolving left to do, you are both right and at the same being to hard on yourselves. You will always be evolving, so there is no end to what you will become. But the first aspect of your current reality that you want to embrace is yourself as you are.

Embrace everything about yourself in the here and now, not because it’s necessary in order for you to get to the fifth dimension, but because in so doing you access more of the unconditional love that you truly are. You don’t have to wait until you get to the fifth dimension to know yourself more and more as a Source Energy Being, a creator being, and an agent of unconditional love. Give in to your now, and you will allow in all that you have been promised.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Listen to the audio here

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The Urgency to Get to 5D ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have the feeling within you of urgency when it comes to getting to the fifth dimensional experiences that you want to have. Part of the reason why you feel this urgency is because you have been promised that life in the fifth dimension will be easier and more fun. Now, the part of this process that seems like a paradox is that getting to the fifth dimension requires you to love where you are right now.

Even though you know where you are going is better, you must find a way to embrace everything that is within your reality and that is within you. You are even being asked to embrace things that happened years and years ago and lifetimes and lifetimes in your past. It is also important for you to recognize that there’s nothing wrong with the dimension you are in.

It’s all about experience, after all. That’s why you incarnate. That’s why you leave the Source Energy dimension. So embrace experience for the sake of experience and know that every experience that you create for yourselves will bring you closer to the fifth dimension.

When you look at yourselves and you think that you have a lot evolving left to do, you are both right and at the same being to hard on yourselves. You will always be evolving, so there is no end to what you will become. But the first aspect of your current reality that you want to embrace is yourself as you are.

Embrace everything about yourself in the here and now, not because it’s necessary in order for you to get to the fifth dimension, but because in so doing you access more of the unconditional love that you truly are. You don’t have to wait until you get to the fifth dimension to know yourself more and more as a Source Energy Being, a creator being, and an agent of unconditional love. Give in to your now, and you will allow in all that you have been promised.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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